Sumeet Aluminum Nonstick Gas Toaster Review

Sumeet manufactures non-stick sandwich makers. The brand is also known for making non-electric sandwich makers. Appliances from the Sumeet brand are made using good quality materials hence highly durable.

Sumeet aluminum non-stick gas toaster is a simple but very useful product from this brand. This appliance has a long handle, and the handgrip is coated with a heatproof material. The non-stick plates make it convenient to cook your sandwich.


Non-stick plates

The plates of this appliance are coated with a non-stick substance. This means that your sandwich won’t stick to the plate’s surface. It makes cleaning easy. Also, you will use less cooking oil, which will make your sandwich healthy.

Heatproof handle

The handles of this appliance are long, and the handgrip is coated with a heatproof material. This will prevent your hands from getting burnt while using the device. The handles also have a lock to hold the sandwich tightly while cooking. The handle is made using a good quality die-cast aluminum, which makes it long-lasting.

Compact design

This appliance is small; hence it can be comfortably stored in small spaces in your kitchen

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What Do We like


This appliance is non-electric hence you will be able to use it even in remote places where there is no electricity. The device is economical. All you need is a source of heat to make your sandwich.


The appliance comes with a manufacturer warranty of one year. The warranty covers all manufacturer defects.


This appliance is light in weight; hence you will be able to carry it to different places.

Thick aluminum plate

The plates are made of a 1.8 mm aluminum sheet. This makes the device very durable, and it also helps in the even cooking of the sandwich.

Standard plates

The plates of this appliance are enough to fit standard Indian bread.

Simple and safe to use

This sandwich maker is simple to use. You don’t need any skills to be able to operate it. Being a non-electric device, it is safe.


Sumeet aluminum non-stick gas toaster is among the most inexpensive sandwich makers hence very affordable.

What We Don’t Like

Small plates

The plates are small to fit big sized bread

No indicator

It has no indicator; hence you have to be there to check manually to prevent your sandwich from getting burnt.


Sumeet aluminum non-stick gas toaster is a non-electric appliance; hence no electricity needed for it to operate. The device has long handles which will protect you from burns and heat injuries. This appliance is very cheap. The non-sticky feature will prevent the sandwiches from getting stuck to the surface of the plates.

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