Solimo Non-Stick Sandwich Maker Review

Solimo features the most excellent quality products. Every product from this brand is carefully manufactured with premium quality materials to deliver the finest products to the customers. Products from Solimo are also very affordable.

Solimo non-stick sandwich maker is available in black shade. It has a compact design, and the plates with non-stick coating make grilling fast, easy, and convenient.

Non-stick plate coating

The non-stick heating plates have dual Teflon coating. With this feature, your food will not stick when you are grilling.

Power rating

This is a 750-watt sandwich maker, which makes the toasting process highly efficient and fast.

Power cord

Solimo non-stick sandwich maker comes with a 120 cm power cable, which allows you to operate at a convenient distance from the power socket.

Auto thermostat control

The product is fitted with an automatic thermostat. This feature will allow the lighting indicators to signal you when the product power is ON, and when the sandwich maker is ready to be used.

Light indicators

This sandwich maker has Red and green light indicators. The red indicator shows whether the device is switched ON. The green lights indicate that the plates are heated.

Compact storage

This product measures approximately 27-cm x 25cm x 12 cm. It is compact; hence it will occupy less space. In addition, this product can be stored vertically to save storage space.

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What Do We like


This sandwich maker has a handle that allows you to close and open the sandwich maker easily. The handles come with a clip to lock it in position while toasting. The handle is made using heat resistant material, hence safe.

Non-skid stand

This sandwich maker is fitted with non-skid stands that hold your appliance safely on the surface. With this stand, your appliance will be free from slides that cause damages.


Solimo non-stick sandwich maker weighs about 2.6 kilograms. You can comfortably carry it from one point to the other.

Easy to clean

With non-stick plates, you will be able to comfortably clean the product fast.


Solimo non-stick sandwich maker has a manufacturer warranty of one year, which starts from the date of purchase.

What We Don’t Like

This product is very fragile; hence, it has to be handled with extra care.


This sandwich maker has a lot of positive features, which include fast heating, compact design, attractive look, non-stick coating, and above all, it is simple to clean and operate. With the light indicator, your sandwich will never get burnt because you will know as soon as it is ready from the indicators.

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