Prestige PSMFB Sandwich Toaster Review

Prestige is the number one brand in kitchen appliances in India. This brand is known for making products like pressure cookers, Mixer Grinders, gas stoves, non-stick cookware, Induction Cooktops, and others.

Prestige PSMFB sandwich toaster is among one of the top products made by this brand. This product is available in black color and is made with the best quality material. This product is easy to use, and it comes with other exciting features, which makes it more effective.


This product has a power output of 800 Watts.


This product operates with a voltage range of 220 and 240, which is a standard voltage requirement in India.

Power cord

This sandwich toaster features a power cord, which is strongly made. The cable is also well insulated to prevent any kind of injury or damage caused by electricity.

Power indicator

The power indicator shows the status of the equipment, whether the product switched ON or switched OFF.

Non-stick coating

The plate is coated with a non-stick material; hence, you need not worry about your sandwich sticking to the plate.

Ergonomic handle

The product is fitted with an ergonomic handle, which enables you to operate the product easily. With this handle, you will be able to comfortably carry the product from one place to the other.


This product has a capacity of toasting two slices at a time.


Prestige PSMFB sandwich toaster weighs about 1.06kg.

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What Do We like


This product has a warranty of 1 year which gives you peace of mind.

Elegant look

This product has an elegant black finish, which makes it attractive.

Easy to use

This product is simple to use, and it comes with a user manual that will guide you in case of any hardship.

Simple to clean

With non-sticky plates, you will be able to clean the product effectively and fast. The coating is smooth, which makes cleaning easy.

Compact design

The toaster is compact and takes very little space for storage. In addition, the compact size makes it possible for one to carry the product from one place to another with ease.

What We Don’t Like

The power cord length is very short


Prestige PSMFB sandwich toaster is best for making toast-sandwiches. With the non-stick coating, you will be able to cook your sandwich comfortably. The product operates with low power, which will help you in saving electric bills. This product is strongly made, which makes it durable.

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