Bajaj Vacco Sandwich Toaster Review

Bajaj is among the leading companies which manufacture kitchen appliances in India. The company is known for making the best quality products that are durable and affordable for the mass public.

The Bajaj Vacco sandwich toaster is available in black color. This sandwich maker has impressive features, including auto thermostat control, which helps you use the appliance safely.


Bajaj Vacco sandwich toaster has a power rating of 750 watts. You will be able to make a perfect sandwich, which is evenly cooked.


This sandwich maker has a voltage of 230 volts, which is within the standard worldwide voltage.


This sandwich maker measures 26cm by 10cm by 25.5cm, which is compact. It is easily stored in small spaces; hence you will save on your kitchen space. It can also comfortably hold two toasters simultaneously.

Non-stick plates

With non-stick plates, you will be able to easily clean and maintain the sandwich maker. Your sandwich will not stick on the plates. Non-stick plates will enable you to have a healthy sandwich, which is free oil.

Power cord

This sandwich toaster has a power cord, which measures approximately 1.2 meters long, giving you a reasonable distance to operate away from the socket. The cable is well made and insulated to avoid electric shock.

Shockproof body

This product’s body is made using shockproof material, which will give you a safe environment to work on. On the upper side, the product is covered with stainless steel material, which will provide you with a cool touch.

Light indicator

The product has a light indicator that will display the status of your sandwich maker. When the power is ON, the red indicator will light, and when it’s ready to be used, the green indicator will light.

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What Do We like


Bajaj Vacco sandwich toaster comes with a one year warranty.

Auto thermostat control

This sandwich maker comes with thermostat control, which will automatically turn off the power once the grilling plates are heated. This will prevent your sandwich from being burnt.


This product has a handle that is made using heat resistant material. The handle will give you convenience and comfort when using the product.

Lockable lid

The lid of this product can be locked, which will give you the best toast for your sandwiches.


Bajaj Vacco sandwich toaster weighs approximately 1.46 kilograms. This makes it lightweight, which can be easily carried.

Anti-skid feet

This sandwich maker comes with anti-skid feet, which will hold your product firmly, which stops it from slipping.

What We Don’t Like

The product is fragile hence a lot of care is needed


This sandwich maker has more amazing features that will help you in making a perfect toaster, and other features will provide your safety. This product is energy efficient; hence no need to worry about the electric bill. With a thermostatic control feature, your sandwich will be protected from being over toasted.

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