RO Water Purifier Maintenance Guide

Most houses today use of RO water purifiers. Regardless of the brand you choose, all the water purifiers require regular maintenance for optimal performance. 
Here is a simple RO water purifier maintenance guide that will help you keep your unit running for years.

RO water purifier maintenance guide

Read the Manual

Before you start using your water purifier, make sure that you read the manual. You need to know the basic dos and don’ts of your RO system. This will save you from making some of the most common mistakes that people make with their water purifiers. 

You will also be able to troubleshoot most of the fundamental problems with your water purifier.

Change Your Filters Regularly

All the RO systems come with different sets of filters. Based on the number of stages in your water purifier, the number of filters will vary. They need to be changed periodically. 

The frequency of filter change will vary from one brand to the other. You need to adhere to the filter-change guidelines provided by the brand.

Take Care Of Your Pre-filter Or Sediment Filter

In some RO water purifiers, the pre-filter will be inbuilt, but in others, it is installed outside the RO unit, depending on how your RO company designed it. The role of the pre-filter is to protect the membranes in your RO unit. 

If the pre-filter is not well maintained, then the membranes will be damaged fast. Clean your pre-filters every six months, and replace it once a year. 

Address The Leakages Immediately

At times, you would notice water leaking and drip continually in your RO unit; this is not normal. It would help if you addressed these leakages immediately. If everything is perfect, then the RO unit’s interior and the filter section should be dry. 

Leakages indicate loose connections between the filters. This can affect the performance of your RO unit. Call a technician and get it fixed immediately. 

Clean The RO Unit’s Water Tank Every Month

The water storage tank in your RO unit needs to be cleaned at least once a month. Empty the entire tank; clean it with lemon or some other soft dishwashing liquid. Wash the tank thoroughly with clean water. 

Ensure no sediments or remnants of dishwashing liquid are left behind in the tank. 

Complete Overall Maintenance

Besides changing the filters, water tank, and addressing the water leakage issues periodically, you should check the entire RO unit fully as a part of your annual maintenance. You could do this yourself or call a technician from your RO company for yearly maintenance. 

Continually Monitor Your RO Unit’s Performance

In most cases, the issues with an RO unit does not erupt suddenly. They build gradually. If you continually monitor the performance of your RO unit, you will be able to catch the problems early and address them at the right stages before they become a significant issue. 

Always Approach Brand Approved Service Stations

Each RO water purifier brand will have its own approved service stations in each city. You need to make use of only such approved service stations and technicians. 

They will know the design and the working of the brand under question, which will enable them to provide faster solutions in case something should go wrong.


To conclude, regular maintenance and care will not only ensure that your RO water purifier works at the optimal level, delivering consistently good quality water but it will also increase the overall lifespan of the unit. 

Do not attempt to handle the entire maintenance tasks yourself but whenever required do not hesitate to call your RO water purifier service station and get qualified technicians to handle the maintenance tasks.

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