Whirlpool 245Ltr 2 Star Double Door Refrigerator (Neo FR258 CLS Plus) Review

The whirlpool is a leading branch around the world. This double door refrigerator has the dimensions 56*66.2*158.6 cm. The fridge is frost-free.

This Whirlpool Double Door Refrigerator is the best choice for the smaller families up to 3-5 members. The storage capacity of the refrigerator is 245L. The refrigerator maintains the coldness inside it even after the power is cut off.

Micro block Technology

The refrigerator consist of the anti-microbial technology, which means that the micro block technology helps in preventing the bacteria growth inside the refrigerator and helps in keeping the vegetables fresh for a longer period.

Vegetable Crisper

The refrigerator is provided with the vegetable crisper having the honeycomb-like structure, which helps in maintaining the moisture inside the fridge. The crisper helps in condensing the evaporated moisture from the food to balance air and optimum freshness.

Chilling Gel

The refrigerator is provided with the chilling gel which stores the air, and this air comes in use when power gets cut off. This store air helps in preventing the ice from melting when the power gets cut off and helps in keeping the food fresh and other products for the same period.


The refrigerator has the facility of the freshener, which helps in reducing the oxidation process and prevents the food from spoiling. It also maintains the freshness in the refrigerator.

Deep Freeze Technology

It has 6th Sense deep freeze technology, which features full airflow in a circular manner, which keeps the ice cream intact and fresh.

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What Do We like

Active Deo

At the bottom of the fresh flow air tower, the active deo is situated, which helps in keeping the refrigerator fresh and odor-free.

Air Tower

The refrigerator has the air tower and vents designed in such a way that it let out cool and fresh air into different parts of the refrigerator, which also maintains the freshness in the refrigerator.


The refrigerator is provided with the LED light, which helps in making the interior of the refrigerator awesome for the viewing purpose. It also helps in easy cleaning of the refrigerator.

Ice Twister

The refrigerator has the facility of the ice collector box where ice cubes can be dispensed and collected and can be used anytime with the twist action.

What We Don’t Like

Energy Consumption

It has a 2-star rating, which means that it will consume much electricity than an energy-efficient five stars rated refrigerator, which can affect your pocket.



The whirlpool 245 L double door refrigerator is one of the best choices of the user, especially those who have smaller families. The refrigerator has the storage capacity of the 245L.

The refrigerator helps in maintain the coolness and provides a faster rate of cooling. The refrigerator has a vegetable crisper, which helps in retaining the moisture and also condensed the evaporated moisture from the food.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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