Whirlpool 215Ltr 3S Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator 230 Vitamagic Pro Roy Review

Whirlpool vitamagic is the global standard refrigerator powered by 6TH sense vitamagic technology and patented zeolite technology. The vitamagic single door refrigerator has a perfect European design with an attractive look. It has a superior cooling performance and consumes 230 volts of power.

The fridge has the capacity of the 215 liters, which suggests that the refrigerator is better suited for smaller families having up to 2-4 members. It does not require any stabilizer for managing of the voltage. The whirlpool refrigerator is very long-lasting.


The refrigerator has auto-defrosts technology. The temperature sensor helps in maintaining the cooling and defrosting very effectively.

Vitamin Preservation

The refrigerator is provided with the zeolite technology, which helps in preserving the vitamins for a more extended period. It also helps in preventing the ripening of the vegetables and fruits and keeps them fresh longer.

Ice Making

The refrigerator’s insulated capillary technology and powerful compressor make ice faster than any other product in this class.

Micro block

The refrigerator has micro block technology. It helps in preventing the growth of bacteria and keeps the freshness of the food for 12 days.

Magic Chiller

The refrigerator has a magic chiller facility, which helps in chilling the bottles quickly.

Ui On Door Intuitive Controls

The refrigerators consist of the intuitive controllers. The flex cool is used for the setting of the temperature inside the fridge. The vitamagic feature helps in maintaining the freshness in the refrigerator.

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What Do We like

Anti-Bacterial Gasket

The removable anti-bacterial gasket feature helps in preventing the growth of fungi and bacteria inside the refrigerator. It keeps the food healthy and fresh for an extended period.


The refrigerator consists of an extra shelf on the vegetable crisper for additional storage.

Crisper Capacity

The refrigerator vegetable crisper has a capacity of 14.6 liters for storing vegetables and other food items.

Freezer Capacity

The refrigerator has the largest freezer capacity with stackable ice trays for maximum storage of ice.

Stabilizer Free

The refrigerator can work even at the high voltage (130V- 300V) and does not need any stabilizer for maintaining the high voltage.

What We Don’t Like


It does not have an LED for a better view of the elements.


The whirlpool refrigerator is one of the best choices of smaller families. The fridge has the capacity of the 215 liters and the power consumption of the 230 volts. The refrigerator consists of the micro block facility, which helps in preventing the growth of the bacteria. The fridge has an extra storage shelf on the vegetable Crispr for storing vegetables and fruits.

The magic chiller helps in chilling the bottles very quickly. The vitamins preservation technology helps in preserving the quantity of the vitamins in the fruits and vegetables. The freezer has extra space, and the insulated capillary technology helps in making the ice very fast. The refrigerator remains cool even after the power goes off.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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