Whirlpool 200Ltr 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator(215 IMPowerCool Roy 3S) Review

Whirlpool Corporation is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of electronic appliances that has been innovating and producing products for over a century. It is one of the most trusted brands even in India.

Whirlpool Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator advanced Insulated Capillary Technology™ and powerful compressor in Whirlpool refrigerators makes ice faster than any other products in its class – so that you are never short of ice.

It is auto connected to the inverter

In the event of a power cut of electricity, it automatically connects itself to the home inverter, thus delivering consistent cooling and maintaining the freshness of fruits and vegetables and can sustain up to 12 hours even during power cuts.

Has insulated capillary Technology

It has  Insulated Capillary Technology, in which the capillary takes the refrigerant from the compressor to the freezer completely surrounded by super cold gas leading to better compressor efficiency, faster cooling and longer cooling retention for up to 12 hours during power cuts.

Quick cooling

It has special cooling vents at the back of the freezer to regulate the airflow for uniform cooling in the refrigerator with the help of Laminar Airflow technology.

Equipped with Moveable Ice Tray

It has moveable ice trays that can be shifted from one spot to another which means it gives you the extra and vacant space to store bottles, cupcakes and a lot more.

3 Star Rating

It uses less energy to work efficiently helps in saving some money in your next electricity bill.

It is Ergonomically Designed

It has an unmatched graceful and elegant design with a PCM door finish design. This is an elegantly designed refrigerator which is a perfect match for your modern kitchen.

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What Do We like

Has Anti-Fungal Gasket

It has easy to remove gasket that can be cleaned and fixed again preventing fungal infection.

Has Toughened Glass Shelves

The shelves made of toughened glass which are capable of holding heavy food items.

What We Don’t Like

The refrigerator makes noise while operation which can be annoying during night time


At such an affordable price, and such advanced technologies,like capillary, anti fungal gasket, it is totally worth buying, specially for medium sized families that has 4-5 members.

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Hetavi Rudani

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