Samsung 255 Ltr 4 Star Single Door Refrigerator (RR26N389YUT/HL) Review


This Samsung 4-star refrigerator saves energy and has a variety of variations to choose from in the market. The fridge has four stars and can optimize up to 45% of energy consumption compared to a low-quality 1-star refrigerator.

It has a unique compressor which is different from conventional compressors, with only two starts and stops modes. The Samsung Digital Inverter performs at seven different levels depending on the moisture level and usage. This status helps maintain a more constant temperature and minimizes noise.

Speed Regulation

This product has an automatic digital inverter compressor that adjusts its speed to meet 7-stage cooling requirements. As a result, it works for a long time and smarter, minimizing any loss due to long-time performance wear and tear.

10-year Warranty

To give you peace of mind, the manufacturers gave the product out to their customers with a 10-year warranty. The 10-year warranty is limited to compressors. Therefore you should take note of this fact.

Integrated Stabilizer

The integrated stabilizer protects the refrigerator against power fluctuations. Operation without an external stabilizer makes it stable and reliable.

If the voltage increases too much, it will automatically cut off power to prevent electrical damage. Therefore, you do not need a separate stabilizer. The compressor works well even in the operating range of 100-300V.

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What Do We like


The size of the small freezer leaves room for more shelves that seem more useful to me. As we all know, the medium-sized vegetable baskets are almost empty.

The minimum energy consumption per year is 177 units. The bottom shelf for potatoes and onions is also very convenient.

Direct cool defrost

There is a need to defrost almost every 7 to 10 days. Overall, I think this is a good product, and if you maintain it right, I don’t think it will be a problem. The other thing I have to say is that it is very quiet, which may be due to improved compressor technology.

More Door space

Multi-Utility door bin gives extra space to store all the bottles, vegetables, and fruits. It has two max fresh compartments, and it comes with a divider so you can keep your bottles and fruits in a different place.

Power cut Resistant

If the power goes out, no need to worry about the food being spoiled. It comes with a unique cool wave technology that will keep your fridge cool for 9 hours, even if there is no power.

What We Don’t Like

Defrost outlet

The defrost outlet is not placed properly, and the water collecting pot is just above the compressor. The water drops near the compressor, which may damage the compressor in the long run.


If there is a rise in the voltage, it will automatically cut off power to prevent electrical damage. Therefore, you do not need a separate stabilizer. Storage capacity is functional, and the power consumption is also less.


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