Samsung 212 Ltr Single Door Refrigerator (RR22M272ZS8) Review


The RR22N383ZR2 212-liter Samsung, one door refrigerator is equipped with a low power digital inverter compression technology. This unique refrigerator has smart connections and functions well when it is turned one, and it is as well solar compatible.

In case you need a robust and reliable refrigerator with stylish design, frame, and style, this particular Samsung 212L single and direct door refrigerator is the perfect complement to your beautiful home.

It has a 10-year period of warranty and unique and elegant design. Before you buy it, you need to know more about its features, strengths and weaknesses, and more.

Anti-bacteria Gasket

This fridge was designed to have a gasket that prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria. The designers have noticed that when some food items stay longer than required in fridge. Bacteria and fungi organisms grow up. Therefore, the provided antibacterial gasket will prevent this growth.

Toughened shelf

The shelf built in this fridge was manufactured to allow the safe keeping of any kind of food item. Irrespective of weight, once it can occupy the space provided for it. It will hold it firmly.

Single Door

The Samsung RR22M272ZS8 / NL is a one-door refrigerator that is known with some innovative design and excellent features. The one-door and useful refrigerator were designed to have a freezer in the upper part of the fridge for easy access.

Good storage Capacity

With its capacity of 212 liters, this particular refrigerator lets you easily protect all kinds of vegetables and several food items. So you will not have any trouble while having the intention to preserve so many food items. The Samsung refrigerator possesses an excellent cooling capacity and finds it easy to prepare frozen desserts.


Samsung offers a full one-year full package product warranty and a 10-year compressor warranty. The fridge is available in elegant stainless steel. Therefore, it is durable.

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What Do We like

LED Light

You will find it’s light very satisfactory. But the power is surprisingly low (60W). It is so bright whenever you decide to open the refrigerator, so you can easily pick any food item. It is highly efficient in this aspect of the LED light.

Great product

It has a glass basket and is suitable for a small family because of its capacity. Also, it makes no noise while operation and the price is affordable.

What We Don’t Like

The problem with the door lock

This is a perfect refrigerator with low power consumption, but the freezer is small, disappointing and it is also a problem because the door lock cannot be closed properly. Overall it is worth buying.


This particular refrigerator has a full capacity of 212 Litres. This capacity permits you to preserve several food items like fruits and vegetables. It is very efficient based on its low consumption of electricity. Still, it heats badly, and there are troubles with the one door lock.


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