LG 215 L 2 Star Single Door Refrigerator (GL-B221RPZV) Review

The LG direct cool single door refrigerator has the perfect design. This refrigerator is the best choice for small families having 2 to 3 members. This refrigerator works without the stabilizer and consists of the anti-bacterial door gasket.

The refrigerator has a moist balance crisper, which helps in maintaining the optimum moisture level. The fridge consumes voltage up to 220 volts.

Stabilizer Free

The refrigerator is provided with the smart inverter compressor, which has an energy efficiency ratio and can operate at voltage up to 135 – 290 volts, which helps in making it stabilizer free.

Ice Tray

The refrigerator consists of the fastest ice tray, which makes the ice in just 108 minutes. LG direct cool refrigerator can make the ice 20% faster with a specially designed patented ice tray. The fridge does not put an extra load on its compressor for making ice.

Balance Crisper

The refrigerator has the unique lattice-type box cover, which helps in maintaining the moisture at the optimum level. Moisture, which is evaporated from the stored food,, is also condensed on the lattice., which manages the correct balance of moisture in the box.

Anti-Bacterial Gasket

The refrigerator consists of the anti-bacterial door gasket, which helps in preventing the entry of the bacteria and fungi inside the fridge and helps in keeping the vegetables and foodstuff fresh for the more extended period.

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What Do We like

Sturdy Glass Shelves

The refrigerator has the toughened glass because of this, they are capable of holding heavy food items. The spill-proof toughened glass shelves can hold the load up to 175Kg

Body Design

The refrigerator has a fabulous design that mostly matches the interior of the kitchen. The refrigerator gives a modern look to the kitchen as it has the perfect design on the outer of the body.


The refrigerator is provided with the LED light, which gives the brightness to the inner part of the fridge and makes the inner more attractive. The LED light helps in cleaning of the refrigerate with ease. The LED light consumes less energy.

What We Don’t Like

It requires manual defrosting.


The LG single door refrigerator is better suited for smaller families. It has the best outlook, which is most suited to the kitchen and gives it a very cool look.

The refrigerate has a facility of the fastest making ice tray, which makes the ice more effectively without giving so much of the pressure to the compressor.

The balance crisper helps to maintains the optimum moisture in the refrigerator. The anti-bacterial door gasket feature helps in preventing the bacteria and fungus production inside the fridge and keeps the foodstuffs and vegetables fresh for a longer time.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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