Hitachi 456 L Frost Free Multi-Door Refrigerator (R-WB480PND2) Review

Hitachi, Ltd. is a Japanese multinational conglomerate company. Hitachi refrigerators, built using the latest eco-friendly technology, are high on energy efficiency and eliminate harmful materials.

The premium looking Hitachi 456 liter refrigerator is the best for daily life use of a family. Inverter technology saves a lot of energy consumption, resulting in fewer electricity bills. The multi-door feature is very spacy, and you can store lots of stuff inside, which is enough for 5-6 members of a family. The compressor of this refrigerator is also powerful.

Inverter Technology

The inverter technology of this fridge is very advanced. It decreases the electricity consumption even if it’s been running for 24/7. Because it is an appliance that needs to run for the whole day long yet, it needs to be energy efficient.

Frost Free

The days of manually defrosting the refrigerator are over. The Frost-free refrigerators automatically defrost it and stop the ice from building up. But it doesn’t interfere at the average cooling temperature that is required inside the fridge to keeps the goods fresh.

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What Do We like

Multi Door

This Multi door refrigerator has a lot of space inside. It is a 456-liter fridge, which is more than enough for 5-6 people of a family.

Technically it’s got three doors to it — two main doors with the freezer part. And one door/drawer type at the bottom where you can stuff like vegetables and all. They come very handy in day to day life.

Toughened Glass

These shelves inside of the refrigerators are made of toughened glass. They have their uniqueness. Firstly, the shelves are very high in strength, and they don’t even break if you drop them on the ground. And secondly, the glass is free from any kind of heavy metals. So it is safe to store foods.


The Compressor is the main attraction of this Hitachi refrigerator. It comes with inverter technology to decrease power consumption. Besides that, it is a quite powerful compressor, and it can quickly cool inside the fridge. And it is a very durable product.


What We Don’t Like

No major or minor disadvantages were found in this product.



This Hitachi, 456-liter refrigerator, has nothing but only features in it. Starting from the automatic defrosting, toughened glass shelves and the inverter technology are not comparable.

It’ll save you electricity, serve you for a long time and has a lot of space in it. It comes with a one year warranty on the product and a ten-year warranty on the compressor. This is a must buy a refrigerator.

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Koushik Mondal

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