Hitachi 415 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (R-VG440PND3) Review

Hitachi, Ltd. is a Japanese multinational conglomerate company. Hitachi refrigerators, built using the latest eco-friendly technology, are high on energy efficiency and eliminate harmful materials. The powerful compressor of this refrigerator makes it cool in no time at all.

Frost-free technology is a effective and helpful feature. The inner shelves are made of toughened glass and are very sturdy. They can take quite the weight on them. And the double door 415-liter space is huge. It’s enough for five or more persons in a family.

Frost Free

Like it says Frost Free, You won’t have to defrost it manually. A small element is placed inside that helps melts the accumulating ice. This process is done without interrupting the normal cooling temperature, which is needed to refrigerate food.

Energy Saving

This refrigerator has been rated 3-star energy saving. It will save you a decent amount of power. Being a double door fridge, it consumes a lot of energy so that power saving was needed in it.

Double Door

This one is a 415-liter double door refrigerator. Which is insanely huge when it comes to size. It has two doors, the main door, and the freezer door. This allows you to open the freezer without the need to open the main door and vice versa. It can easily cater to the daily needs of a 5-6 member family.

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What Do We like


The inner shelves of the refrigerator is made of toughened glass. They are sturdy and can take lots of weight on them quickly. The high-quality glass is suitable for this thing because it is very long-lasting and durable.

Powerful Compressor

The compressor of this Hitachi refrigerator is very powerful and of advanced technology. It cools the entire fridge in very little time. It consumes a bit power but lesser than most of the double door refrigerators. It is very long-lasting.

What We Don’t Like

Not much of a disadvantage, but I think the 3-star energy saving should’ve been 5-star energy saving. Because double door refrigerators tend to consume lots of power to run.


Hitachi always delivers the best product. This refrigerator is one of them. Frost-free technology is outstanding and reduces the human effort of defrosting manually. Shelves are solid and sturdy.

The compressor is built to last very long. And the double door feature is great, capacity is enough for a family. If you’re up for a new refrigerator, then go for it.

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Koushik Mondal

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