Godrej 30 Ltr Tec Qube Personal Cooling Solution Review

Godrej presents one of the unique Godrej Qube Personal Cooler with the thermoelectric technology. The Qube has a capacity of the 30L. It is designed in such a way that it has a facility of the dual LED lights, which helps to see inside it very clearly.

The Qube is very much suitable for the bachelors those living in pgs. The Qube takes very little space so it can easily be placed in a tiny area. It is effortless to use and maintain. It ensures that it delivers silent operation. The voltage consumes by the Qube is 230 volts.

Thermoelectric Cooling

The Qube has a function of the efficient and maximum cooling without compressor and refrigerant. Due to the thermoelectric cooling technology, the food and beverages remain safe and become suitable to eat for a longer period.

Dual LED

The Qube has a facility of the dual-LED, which consumes the very less energy. The LED is provided so that it becomes easy to see the inside view very clearly and make it more attractive.

Power Utilization

The power utilization of the Qube is very less, so it becomes easy to use it or operate it for 24*7. This helps in providing cool water every time, and food becomes safe to eat for a more extended period.

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What Do We like

Storage Capacity

The Qube has a storage capacity of the 30 liter, which is very suitable for the bachelors, for mini-bar and bedrooms as it takes very little space.

Ease of Maintenance

The Qube is very easy to use. The LED facility helps to see it from inside and clean the Qube easily clearly, and a person does not have to face any kind of problem. It can be easily maintained by the persons who have a hectic schedule as it takes very little time to clean it

Silent Operation

Since it does not have a compressor. Therefore it ensures to deliver silent operation.

No Defrosting

Since there is no freezing compartment in the Qube, therefore there is no hassle of defrosting.

What We Don’t Like

Ice Cubes

The Qube is not at all suitable for making ice cubes. The Qube can only cool up to the temperature around 8 degrees depending upon the ambient temperature.

Lock and Key

The Qube does not have a lock and key facility.


Godrej Qube has outstanding quality. They are specially made for the bachelors and those who live in a pg. These Qubes are very much suitable for bedrooms and minibars.

The water, other beverages, and food remain very safe for a long period without getting rotten. It does not produce noise, and it is easy to use and maintain. The only problem faced by the people as it can not be able to make ice cubes as it can maintain temperature up to 8 degrees.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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