Bosch Refrigerators

Bosch is the home of technology. It is a globally operating company that was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart.

Bosch set up its manufacturing operation in India in 1951. Over the years, this manufacturing operation has grown to eighteen manufacturing sites. India is home to one of Bosch’s biggest development centers outside its home country – Germany. 

Bosch carries out its operations under thirteen companies in India, offering consumer goods and industrial technology.

In a bid to be one of the leading players in the home appliances industry, Bosch Home Appliances started mass manufacturing of double door refrigerators. They have a goal of manufacturing up to 500,000 refrigerators per year, for the Indian market. The Indian market has, however, still been enjoying Bosch refrigerators through the imported products. They have two ranges of fridges in the market.

  1. Double door refrigerators
  2. Side by side door refrigerators
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Features of Bosch Refrigerators

Bosch Double Door Refrigerators

These refrigerators are in two categories.

Free Standing top Freezer

This fridge has a freezer at the top. It is convenient for you if you open and close the refrigerator frequently since the freezer is at eye level. 


The fridge has a lower part that contains a big freezer section.

Although the freezers are located in different places, the other features are similar and they include:

  1. They have a tremendous capacity to enable you to store groceries of all sizes.
  2. A VarioInverter technology that helps save on power consumption by using low energy while still cooling efficiently.
  3. A VitaFresh technology that keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for longer.
  4. A digital LED control panel where you can control the temperatures of the fridge easily.
  5. A water and ice dispenser.
  6. Gliding shelves and trays make it easier to remove and store food.
  7. The shelves are clear, and the boxes are bigger, which means you will always quickly know what you have in store.

Side by side refrigerators

Here are a few features in this type of fridge.

  1. A special drawer for storing vegetables, which has a rippled base. The rippled base prevents your fruits and vegetables from condensing.
  2. No Frost function that ensures you do not have to defrost your freezer manually.
  3. An ice twister that makes it easy to remove lots of ice.
  4. More space for fruits and vegetables.
  5. An LED light that gives good lighting, making you locate items quickly.
  6. MultiAirflow system that ensures there is fresh air in circulation on all the levels of the fridge.

Some of these features will, however, depend on your budget because the pricier the fridge is the more features you will get.

Bosch USP

Bosch is not only a kitchen appliance company, but it is also one of the leading suppliers of technology in India. It is known for its Mobility Solutions, Building technology, and energy. Bosch’s USP is in combining its experience and expertise in all these fields and giving consumers a finished product that makes their lives easier. 

The fact that they only have two kinds of fridges in the market is one of its unique selling points. You are guaranteed that there has been precision to make the best to be able to compete with the other brands that have several kinds of refrigerators.


Bosch has continued to show commitment in the home appliances industry, and with the introduction of mass manufacturing of double door refrigerators, the consumer is guaranteed of better quality.

Check on the pricing, and you will find a good quality refrigerator that will last long from Bosch.