Bosch 507Ltr 2 Star Double Door Refrigerator (KDN56XI30I) Review

Bosch refrigerator is a perfect refrigerator among all. This refrigerator is the best choice for the family. It has a sufficient storage capacity of 507L.

The refrigerator has a unique smooth body design and a clear view. It has a fresh air filter to keep your food bacteria-free. It has an easily accessible shelf, which can be extended up to 12cm.

It also has VitaFresh technology, which provides faster cooling. The temperature inside the refrigerator is continuously maintained. The shelves can take the weight up to 180 Kg. The fridge is better suited for larger families.

Air fresh Filter

This refrigerator has an Airfresh filter, which never lets the smell of the food mix up. It also removes the odor and provides fresh air without bacteria.

Easy Access Shelf

Bosch comes with an easily accessible shelf. The user can efficiently organize and easily access their food item, which is kept even at the back as the shelves can be extended up to 12 cm.

Zero-Degree Temperature Zone

The refrigerator is provided with the facility of the vitafresh with zero-degree temperature zone in the fridge. It helps in the fastest water cooling. The zero-degree temperature helps in keeping meat and fish fresh up to 2 times longer.

FreshSense Technology

The freshsense technology of this refrigerator provides a constant temperature in the fridge, which means more freshness. It keeps on checking and controlling the fridge and freezer temperature without taking care of the outside temperature.

VarioInverter Compressor

This refrigerator has a sensor-based varioinverter compressor, which makes it more energy-efficient and reduces the noise level. Due to this, it can work even on home UPS.

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What Do We like

LED Light

The refrigerator has the strategically placed led light, which ensures that the food items do not obstruct the light. It keeps your food items in the spotlight. The LED light consumes very less electricity.

Easy Cleaning

The refrigerator is designed in such a way that its all the parts can be removed and easily dismantled to ensure that the fridge not only looks clean but hygienically clean.

No Frost

The refrigerator has no frost technology, which decreases the humidity inside the temperature, which means that it defrosts the ice as soon as it starts building.


The refrigerator has the storage capacity of the 507L, which is very much sufficient for the larger families having up to 8-9 members.

Safety Glass

This refrigerator has shelves made up of toughened glass, which can take the weight of up to 180Kg.

What We Don’t Like

Ample Space Needed

As its width is 186 cm, it requires a large area inside the house to place it without any discomfort.


The Bosch refrigerator has a very classic design. It gives a lovely look to the kitchens. The fridge has the facility of the LED light, which keeps the contents in the spotlight.

The refrigerator has the storage capacity of the 507L, which suggests that the refrigerator is suitable for the families having 7-8 members. It becomes effortless to clean the fridge as parts are easily removable.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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