Bosch 661 Ltr Side-by-Side Refrigerator(KAN92VI35I) Review

Bosch 661L Frost Free Refrigerator is an excellent choice for a family. It has a huge gross storage capacity of 661 liters. It has a modern design with anti-fingerprint stainless steel finishing.

On the outer body of the refrigerator, there is a digital display and controls to set temperature and various other features. It comes with interior LED lighting to keep the food items in the spotlight, which looks terrific. Many features make this refrigerator a perfect choice.

Easy Access Shelf

The shelves of the refrigerator can be extended up to 12 cm, making it easy to place and remove items. You will not forget things at the back as you will have an overview of the contents present.

Super Freezing

This feature of the refrigerator protects the frozen food from defrosting when we add new food to the freezer. Also, the new food freezes faster. This also prevents energy waste.

Multi Airflow System

Multi airflow system in this refrigerator improves the air circulation inside it. It regulates the temperature and removes all the possibilities of condensation, which make sure that temperature is equally distributed everywhere inside it.

Fresh Sense Technology

This technology maintains a constant temperature in the fridge to keep the food fresh. The Sensor continuously controls and checks the temperature of the freezer and the refrigerator.

VarioInverter Compressor

This refrigerator has a sensor-based varioinverter compressor, which makes it more energy efficient. It helps in reducing noise level, and due to this varioinverter, the fridge can efficiently work on home UPS.

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What Do We like


This refrigerator has a modern design that looks very classy. It has stainless steel finishing, which is fingerprint-resistant.

Digital Display & Control

The refrigerator has a digital display and controls through which you can control and set the temperature and different features.


It has a huge gross capacity of 661 Litres with flexible spaces for storing grocery and other food items.

No Frost

There is no frost technology in the refrigerator, which lowers the humidity inside the appliance, which means that no ice will form as it automatically defrosts itself from time to time.

Faster Cooling

One can reduce the fridge temperature by just pressing a button and enjoy the favorite drink within a few minutes. One can experience faster cooling at his fingertip.

Easy To Clean

It is designed in such a way that all parts can be easily cleaned by dismantling the parts.

Toughened Glass

All the shelves are made up of toughened glass, which can bear the load up to 180 Kg.

What We Don’t Like

Large Space Required

It requires a huge space in the house to keep it properly without causing any damage.


Bosch Frost Free Refrigerator is good for the family having five or more members. It has a gross capacity of 658 liters, which is more than enough to store food.

It has fresh sense technology which maintains the temperature to keep the food fresh. The multi airflow system manages air circulation inside the refrigerator. To protect the frozen food from defrosting, it has a feature of super freezing. Shelves are easily accessible as they can be extended.

It provides faster cooling by just pressing a button. It has a modern design but requires an ample space in the house.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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