Godrej 210 L 5 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator(R D EPro 225 TAI 5.2 BRZ WIN) Review

Godrej is more than 6 decades old Mumbai based company that manufactures refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, interior furniture, etc. Godrej continues to satisfy the customers with their top-quality products.

This is a stylish refrigerator with a unique floral design on it. This is a single door fridge with a 5-star energy-saving rating. This product is also equipped with an inverter compressor, 24-hour freshness technology, aroma lock feature to keep everything fresh and also child lock. This budget-friendly refrigerator has many features to offer and ensures top-quality performance.

Thick insulation

One of the most important jobs of any refrigerator is the retention of cooling. This product comes equipped with 2.75 inches thickest PUF insulation that will ensure the cool air stays inside for long-lasting freshness.

Quick cooling technology

The cooling technology of this refrigerator is very faster than any other refrigerator available at this price range. This will make your fridge cool and freezes ice within one and a half hours only.

Aroma lock

This aroma lock device installed in your refrigerator will provide you with quite a handful of facilities. This makes sure that your foods and beverages are stored fresh and will prevent them from decaying or slower the decaying process at the very least.

Child lock

This is one of the much needed feature because no one would want their children to open the refrigerator every once in a while. This modern refrigerator from Godrej comes with a child lock facility so your children cannot open the fridge anytime they want to.

Sleek design

The design of this refrigerator is one of the eye-catching features. The floral design on the breeze wine-colored surface shines a lot makes it more stylish to look at. This will perfectly go with your interior and gives a fashion statement as well.

Manual defrosting

With the help of only one button, you can manually defrost this fridge and stops from building the ice in the freezer compartment. There will be a container on the back of the fridge where all the melted ice will go, take it out and clear the bin whenever you defrost.

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What Do We like

Vegetable tray

The vegetable tray that comes with it is quite large and is situated at the bottom of the fridge. It is a separate compartment, and you don’t need to open the fridge door while opening this tray. You can store veggies for up to four people easily using this large tray.

24-hour freshness

The freshness lock feature of this refrigerator ensures to keep the food, beverages, vegetables, and fruits fresh for 24 hours.

Inverter compressor

An inverter compressor is very beneficial in many aspects. First of all, this will make sure that electricity consumption is very less and second of all these types of compressor makes very low noise which is almost next to nothing.

This inverter compressor is always in an ideal mode and keeps the temperature of the refrigerator stable all the time. Unlike normal compressors, it does not turn on and off to regulate the temperature.

Energy saving

This is a 5 Star energy-efficient refrigerator from Godrej. It consumes very little power and does not cost you huge electricity bills. On average, this consumes 120 units of power annually.

Toughened glass shelves

This premium quality advanced refrigerator comes with top-quality materials. The shelves of this fridge are made with toughened glass that is very durable and sturdy. They will not break even if you drop them flat on the ground and also can take a weight of up to 120 kg easily. You can store your stuff without worrying about anything.

Storage capacity

The storage capacity of this refrigerator is 210 liters, which are pretty good for a single door fridge. This is suitable for families with up to four people. Store as much stuff as you want with the separate dedicated compartments, water bottle space, and in a large freezer tray as well. You will never run out of space with this refrigerator ever again.

What We Don’t Like

There were no major or minos cons were observed by any user of this refrigerator so far.


Starting with quick icing technology to its unique floral design this mid-ranged refrigerator will provide you with all. The decent features are enough for the family purpose uses. Also, this comes with a 1-year warranty on the product and 10-year warranty on the inverter compressor. This product is a good value for money with no cons and is worth buying it.

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Koushik Mondal

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