RoyalOak Divine Reclining Chair Review

Looking for a perfect indoor chair to buy during the holiday season or as a gift to the elderly in the family who is clocking 70 or above, the brown royal oak reclining chair is the perfect solution for your needs as it appears to appeal to both the younger and the older generation.

It resembles a chair, and a sofa all merged into one to give users a painless comfy experience for long hours

A reclining chair has a headrest that slouches backward and a footrest that is halfway up, although this setting can be adjusted to the customer’s satisfaction. It provides a comfortable sitting space for anyone to sit and enjoy beverages while being engulfed in Netflix. So just Netflix and recline away!!!

German recliner mechanism

The RoyalOak reclining chair is a German engineered product that is built to last. It comes in a single or dual motor to drive the mechanism,  the german recliner mechanism has an actuator to provide the function of adjusting the headrest, footrest, and sitting position

The mechanism can rotate 108 degrees and can carry 260 pounds body comfortably; it is built from sturdy metal with high tensile strength

Suede upholstery material

Suede is a type of leather that is made from the underside of animal skin, mostly lamb, though others can be used, such as goats, cows, etc.

The underside of animal skin is softer than the outside. Therefore, it gives the material a smooth fuzzy glossy appearance. Suede comes in a variety of colors to give a cool accent perfect for indoor décor. the suede reclining chair offers customers a comfortable smooth to the touch experience for users

Pocket spring

The divine royal oak reclining chair is made from high-quality individual springs that are joined together into a separate pocket of fabric. The spring is made up of high carbon steel wire making the material more durable than traditional spring

The overall benefit of the pocket spring in a reclining chair is it offers a premium relaxing experience with additional orthopedic support.

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What Do We like

Adjustable position

Due to the nature of the reclining mechanism use, users get the option to adjust their headrest and footrest to their most comfortable position, this is done through a manual switch operated by the side

Durability and Warranty

The royal oak reclining chair is made from parts and materials that are well built, starting from the german engineered recliner mechanism to suede fabric and pocket spring. This affords users a long-lasting experience they will never forget plus a ten days warranty in case of any damage in the early use

What We Don’t Like

Lack of a remote-control

a lack of remote control to adjust the settings on the royal oak reclining chair could be a deal-breaker to most people, this means users will have to be contempt with the manual switch fitted to the side for day to day use.


All in all the RoyalOak reclining single-seater is one of the best recliners in the market in terms of comfort, ergonomics, and durability, most users have reported enjoying the level of support provided by the recliner

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