Royaloak Jersey Two Seater Recliner Review

Two seaters are a fun and casual way to sit and relax while engulfing yourself in tv entertainment, enjoying a good book, or simply relaxing from a hard day at work to pass away time.

Royaloak jersey two-seater is offering you a unique way to do all of that, not only can you sit in the traditional sense; but you could sit, recline and relax all your worries away.

The two-seater has a dimension of Length (161 cm), Width (98 cm), Height (103 cm) it comes in brown color but the material covering it is original leather with a unique modern look

German recliner mechanism

The german recliner mechanism is the framework of the jersey two-seater recliner, the mechanism which is made of metal is built into the two-seater, it moves with the help of an actuator mechanism that is activated with the press of a button or lever. This moves the leg rest in position and reclines the seater back to provide a comfortable seating

Seating capacity

The Royaloak jersey recliner is large enough to carry two people comfortably; it has a unique pocket spring that makes users comfortable, the movement of your partner on the other side of the sofa does not affect the other.


when it comes to furniture leather is associated with top premium products, leather generally gives the furniture a classy impression, users of leather have reported owning leather furniture longer than a cloth furniture

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What Do We like

Ergonomics and comfort

The royal oak two-seater recliner is  designed to perfection; the sturdy german recliner mechanism is well built and reliable, very few users have reported failures with the recliner mechanism, the leather finish also adds a glossy cool appearance, comfort is what the royal oak jersey two-seater recliner is built for


If you want a piece of furniture that will last decades, the royal oak jersey two-seater is your best bet, the recliner mechanism is made out of durable metal, and the covering is genuine leather. All these combines give the furniture long-lasting usage periods as reported by most users and reviewers


The jersey two-seater recliner is reliable and easy to fix, the recliner mechanism has less moving parts, and if it is oiled regularly and maintained properly, you can go through a whole lifetime without changing it.

What We Don’t Like

Remote control the royal oak two-seater recliner is operated manually; it does not come with remote control, millennials who are tech-savvy may not find this furniture ideal


For consumers who want premium-quality furniture that guarantees comfort, then the royal oak new jersey is your best bet. It has a unique german mechanism and is a comfortable two-seater recliner. Now recline your worries away with this two-seater recliner!

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