Royaloak Armour Single Seater Recliner Review

There is no substitute for better future home furniture; a house is a home only when you have comfortable seats for your loved ones to sit on.

Royaloak provides the best home recliner furniture you need in the home. Let’s take a look at their armor single seater recliner. It has a modern grey outlook; it is covered in leather material, has a weigh of about 78kg, and a dimension of 98*97*100cm.

Pocket spring

Pocket spring is made up of individual spring contained inside a pocket like fabric. It offers more support than conventional coil spring. Pocket spring is the ideal choice for a single-seater recliner because it is less susceptible to body vibrations and offers users great comfort

German recliner mechanism

The Royaloak single seater recliner comes with an advanced recliner mechanism produced in Germany. It is known for their high-quality luxury engineering, its design to give users a warm, comfortable feeling through various adjustable seating positions on the recliner

High-quality leather

The single-seater leather recliner is a modern, unique, and beautiful choice for the living room. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who hosts guest because it will instantly upgrade your living room and add an Italian touch of luxury

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What Do We like


The Royaloak single seater recliner features in a frame that is crafted entirely out of metal to give enhance strength. The leather covering is also a plus to the durability of the material, as leather has less wear and tear as compared to a soft cloth, as it ages leather last longer and still retains its shiny glossy appearance.


Although the product is very durable and long-lasting, the manufacturers of  Royaloak single seater recliner offers one month warranty covering defects only which is quite okay since the single-seater recliner has a sturdy build quality

Comfort and design

A recliner that does not provide comfort is a waste of money; thankfully, the Royaloak single-seater offers that and much more.

Users can comfortably sit down and enjoy their favorite tv without a mind in the world; the comfortable armrest makes sure your hands do not dangle while you sit on the single-seater. The stylish design of the single-seater recliner makes you think you are sitting on a throne; you cannot put a price on comfort

What We Don’t Like

Lack of remote control

it does not come with a portable remote control which can be used to control and adjust the sitting positions, users will have to use a manual button latch to the right side of the single-seater recliner.


If you are in the market for a portable single seater recliner that does not take up much room space and it’s durable, then  Royaloak single-seater is your answer. It is durable, affordable and stylish

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