Kawachi Folding Zero Gravity Reclining Chair Review

A reclining chair with zero gravity not only gives you comfort but adjusts to your body’s size as well. The chair can not only be used for leisure activities like camping or pool furniture, but it can also be used for business in offices and beauty salons across the world.

Do you want to enjoy your leisure activities or perhaps carry out your business activities with ease? Then the Kawachi folding zero gravity reclining chair with adjustable headrest is just the right one for you.

Multi adjustments

The levers affixed to the chair gives you the option of modifying the chair’s position as desired. It could be adjusted upright to a sitting or even lying position. The levers also maintain the stamina of the chair as it is turned from one position to the other.

Quality material

The chair is built with durable materials. It has a long-wearing, tear-proof polycotton canvas. The chair is not only padded with soft material for comfort, but it is made with the utmost quality.

Removable/adjustable headrest

The padded headrest is equipped in such a way that it can be easily removed when desired or adjusted to a particular position.

Supports all body sizes

With Kawachi, your body size doesn’t matter; it has an elastic cord(which is replaceable when desired)  that immediately adjusts to your body size with zero impact on the chairs stamina.

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What Do We like

 Foldable and Portable

The chair is designed in such a way that it can be easily folded to ease transportation. The chair’s weight is easy to carry. This ease in movement makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor relaxation.

UV  resistant fabric

The fabric of the chair is sturdy, which makes it withstand wear and tear; the seats of the recliners are made from materials resistant to the ultra-violet rays of the sunlight, which makes this suitable for outdoor use.

 Sturdy steel frame and padded headrest:

The chair’s frame is made of steel which is powder coated and makes it suitable for all types of weather and ensures it lasts long. The padded headrest can be used comfortably as a pillow or even lumbar support.

Easy to maintain

The chair is made of materials easy to maintain. The material is washable and can also be cleaned as desired.

What We Don’t Like

The plastic lock is made of low-grade plastic and hence, is easily breakable


With Kawachi Folding Zero Gravity Reclining Chair with Adjustable Headrest, u can certainly combine business with pleasure. This reclining chair is very spacious and happens to have a very comfortable headrest and footrest. With this, you are guaranteed some comfort.

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