Home Centre Bristol Motor Lift Recliner Chair Review

Give your home a finesse touch of luxury with the unique home center Bristol motor single seater recliner that looks like a hot piece of chocolate sitting in the middle of your living room.

It is a leather brown relaxation seat that has a size of 82 x 88 x 106 cm and a weight equal to 49.3kg, which is big enough for heavy people.

Design and upholstery material

The home center Bristol single seater recliner is designed with luxury and comfort in mind. The soft brown Brazilian leather feels natural to the skin and is comfortable to relax on, while the recliner has an excellent flabby armrest for you to rest your hands

Electric recliner mechanism

The Bristol motor lift recliner has an electronic recliner mechanism; this is the framework that allows users to adjust their sitting position of the recliner, this has a lift recline action that helps users get up from the recliner without applying too much pressure on your knee joint

High-density foam

The single-seater recliner has a high-density foam that allows users back and buttocks lie and sit firmly on the recliner.

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What Do We like

Design and Ergonomics

The Bristol single seater recliner has a unique contemporary design. The leather upholstery adds a classy touch to it, plus there is a pocket by the side for things you will keep handy

Durability and Warranty

The type of leather used on the home center single seater recliner is of premium quality. Leather is a timeless piece of material because its quality remains the same as time passes on.

Besides leather, the electrical recliner mechanism is made out of metal, as long as it is regularly oiled, it will last a very long time. Plus, an extended warranty of one year means you have nothing to worry about.

Lift Recline Mechanism

The electric recline mechanism also has lift action, to aid the elderly and sick from getting off of the recliner very easy.

What We Don’t Like


The frame of the recliner is made from wood; this is not as strong as those made from metal, as they tend to be lighter and last longer


The recliner does not come assembled, so you will need an expert to couple the parts together, though the seller provides this, subsequent repairs and breakdown are on the buyer’s pocket.


The home center Bristol single seater recliner is more than just a piece of furniture, is a recovery seat for the elderly and sick who are learning to stand on their toes, due to the electric recline mechanism that gently lifts them out of their seats

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