@home by Nilkamal Matt Single Seater Recliner (Chocolate) Review

@home is the world’s largest manufacturer of moulded furniture. It is India’s leading manufacturer of material handling systems. Made with precision and comfort technology, it has a wide range of eye-catching recliners. One of those is the @home by Nilkamal Matt single seater recliner. It is beautifully designed with the best of available materials to ensures its long life and durability.

Interior built

@home by Nilkamal Matt single seater recliner is a product of best quality manufacturing with genuine care and best of available material. It has metalwork as the formation of the structure to ensure a more durable recliner.

Fabrics used

The fabric used for the exteriors is woven in soft, comfortable materials. The main body is covered with linen.

 Contemporary Design

@home by Nilkamal is known for its beautifully designed contemporary furniture. This can be witnessed undeniably in the Matt single seater recliner. It blends perfectly with the aesthetics of your home decor.

Colour perks

The single seater recliner is available in a gorgeous shade of chocolate. This brown shade helps it blend with any contemporary living room.

Comfortable fit

Even though Matt recliner is a single seater, it is comfortably large to sit back and relax upon without congestion. It has a length of 75 cm, a width of 78 cm, and a height of 96 cm.

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What Do We like


The @home by Nilkamal Matt recliner comes with two adorable cup holders. These are imbibed into the armrests on both sides, giving this recliner a different kind of edge and utility. You can relax while having a cup of tea or coffee.

Cushioned seating

The recliner has a squishy and bouncy seat. It is cushioned well to ensure comfortable seating for long hours.

Wide armrest

The @home by Nilkamal Matt chair has considerably wide armrests to add to its level of comfort.


Made with the best quality materials and technology, the recliner is very durable and reliable to last you for a very long time. Hence, it is a reliable option to consider buying.

Pocket springs

It has pocket spring on the seat. This is so that the recliner can provide maximum comfort while seating.

What We Don’t Like


Users have mentioned that the quality of the recliner was not up to the mark.


@home by Nilkamal Matt single seater is one of a kind recliner. It is soft and beautifully designed. Incredibly comfortable and durable, it is undoubtedly an investment. Definitely worth all its cost value.

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