Godrej Interio Mackenzie Two Seater Recliner Review

Godrej is one of the top manufacturers of interior recliners for homes and offices. They produce one of the finest high-quality recliners in the industry; the Mackenzie two-seater recliner is one of their top best products.

It has a storage cup holder making it stand out from most recliners. The primary color is brown, and it’s a two-seater with a dimension of length (101.1 cm), Width (194 cm), Height (102.9 cm).

The recliner is fairly heavy with a weight of 105kg you will require assistance moving this piece of furniture

Upholstery material

The material used to cover the metallic steel frame of the recliner in brown fabric. Although the type of fabric used is not mentioned by the manufacturer, but fabric tends to be softer on the skin than leather that is found in most recliners. Plus, the brown color fabric makes it blend with most types of furniture in the home and office.


The recliner has two storage cup holder at the middle, so two users can independently keep their soda or drinks there without care of spilling it on the body, the comfort enjoined in Mackenzie two-seater recliner is extreme

Seating capacity

The Godrej interio Mackenzie recliner is a tow seater recliner. It is big and wide enough to carry obese and tall people comfortably; it is ideal for couples who want to have some bonding time together. Some users on the web call this recliner the love cushion for its cool and comfortable look.

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What Do We like

Design and ergonomics

The Godrej interio two-seater recliner is well designed to last a longer period of time. The metallic frame of the recliner and furniture gives it a sturdy built quality. You also get that excellent high-quality, contemporary design, its perfect for the living room


Buyers of this furniture get to enjoy a one year warranty covering all manufacturers default, this will further enhance the lifetime of the Godrej interio two-seater recliner

What We Don’t Like


Fabric clothes generally experienced wear and tear faster than leather and hold moisture longer which could make it tough to clean if dirt spills on it, the manufacturer might choose to go with fabric because it’s cheaper than leather

Recliner Mechanism

The recliner mechanism is operated manually with a lever; the lever is attached to both of the two-seater recliner chairs, this is against the remote-controlled recliner or the touch of a button-operated recliner


The Godrej interio is well built and designed for couples who love to sit and enjoy the quality time together. It is a durable recliner sofa and will add a little life to your living room.

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