AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Reclining Lounge Portable Chair Review

AmazonBasics brings a flawless range of portable lounge chairs made with precision to give you maximum comfort. This AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Reclining Chair defines durability and coziness. The simple and elegant design is what makes the chair a must-have. The chair has a good structure and impressive features, which we shall discuss in this article.

Zero Gravity

The AmazonBasics Reclining Chair is a zero-gravity chair. This outdoor chair provides a stress-free and weightless feel for optimal relaxation.

Textilene Fabric

The chair is made using weatherproof Textilene fabric. It stands up to outdoor elements while offering comfortable breathability. It doesn’t retain heat. The high-quality material holds up over time for its aesthetic appearance or performance.

Padded Headrest and Arm Rests

The AmazonBasics reclining zero-gravity chair has padded headrest. It also has gently contoured armrests. It helps ensure maximum comfort and support.

Double Bungee Support

The double bungee support system of this chair securely connects the weather-resistant Textilene fabric to the frame. This makes the chair perform its function effortlessly.

Weightless Relaxation

The chair makes the day’s stress drift. Just place it at a comfortable place with a great view like the poolside or on a back deck or patio this outdoor lounge chair is sure to relax you.

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What Do We like

Durable Frame

It promises a lightweight yet sturdy powder-coated steel frame. With its dual bungee support system runs up one side and down the other. It securely connects the fabric to the frame. The chair gives reliable support and can accommodate weight up to 136kg.


Transition your view effortlessly by taking the zero-gravity chair at home or when heading to the beach, park, or campsite. As this weighs just 7 kg, it transports easily from one location to another.


The weather-resistant Textilene fabric of the reclining lounge portable chair stands up to outdoor elements and offers comfortable breathability. For those living in a hot region, his chair is a perfect buy as it doesn’t retain heat.

What We Don’t Like

No stability lock

While using a reclining chair, one must be careful while retracting pressure as the chair might bounce back quickly due to a lack of gear lock. The chair does not come with a stability lock to ensure stability while reclining.


The AmazonBasics Reclining Chair is a worthy investment. It is made of durable and straightforward technology. It is perfect for any age group, irrespective of height, and weight. It is sturdy yet elegant.

With this chair, you can transition effortlessly from an upright seating position to a reclining position for the full zero-gravity effect. It is very flexible. Hence, the chair is a product worth the value.

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