Alcanes ALRC 0035 Zara Recliner Review

Alcane is one of the big names in the furniture industry, when it comes to a stylish, modern-looking state of the art luxurious furniture’s, especially recliners, the Alcanes Zara single seater recliner is among their best products.

It comes with Push-Back Mechanism, Swivel Glider, Zero Wall Recliner Design With Adjustable Footrest, Wider Armrests With Curved Shape, Larger-Size Seat Cushion, and Thicker Recliner Back. It has everything you need to provide extreme comfort.

The recliner has a primary color of brown and a size of Length (99.06 cm), Width (96.52 cm), Height (101.6 cm), weight is 51 kg, the material used to wrap the recliner is leatherette.

Upholstery type

The Alcane Zara recliner is made of the man-made leather known as the leatherette. it is not the real leather but it has the major qualities of leather. It is difficult to differentiate between leatherette and real leather and is good for any kind of home interior decorations.

Single seater

The recliner is a single-seater with soft wide armrest which is padded with high-quality foam for both the footrest, armrest, and the recliner’s back

Swivel glider

Alcane Zara recliner features a swivel glider, this is more than the traditional two-position recliner, it has a 360-degree rotation. You can also use it as a rocking chair for elderly people or cuddling babies.

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What Do We like


Leatherette is a soft material that is not as porous as leather, this makes it difficult for the stain to sip through the material, therefore maintenance only requires a wipe with a clean towel.


The furniture has a one year warranty on the recliner’s mechanism and wood frame and six months warranty on any manufacturing defect. This warranty is the longest I have seen on any recliner furniture, and it applies to furniture used under normal household conditions.

Design and ergonomics

The Alcane Zara recliner is well built and design to offer users maximum comfort, the soft leatherette material adds a touch of luxury to the living room, the swivel glider features is something you do not find on many recliners, you can sit, recline and glide away

Maximum space

The Alcane Zara recliner is a wall hugger, meaning you can put it very close to the wall and still enjoy all the basic features such as reclining and swivel glider, you also get to save space through this, it is also a one-seater that does not take plenty of living room space.

What We Don’t Like


Despite the pros of leatherette it still has some major drawback, since it is not very porous, it can get sticky during hot weather when it is in contact with sweat and human skin


When buying single-seater recliners for your home or offices that have swivel glider, push back recliner mechanism, wall hugger, soft armrest and adjustable footrest, then you should consider buying the Alcane Zara recliner as it has all the available features and more.

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