Reasons to indulge in the hot water shower

How often taking a hot water shower brings about new life perspectives and intriguing experiences for you?  

Whether it’s about inspiring the bathroom singer in you or stimulating deep thinking brainstorming sessions or sparking the revolutionary ideas, the hot water showers never fail to amaze you.

As per various medical studies, the hot water shower comes bundled with immense therapeutic benefits for your mind, body, and soul. 

Let’s explore the reasons to indulge in a hot shower at every possible opportunity.

Maintains physical hygiene by killing bacteria and germs

The foremost reason for taking a hot water shower is to maintain proper body hygiene.

Every day, we are exposed to numerous bacteria, germs, and dust existing our polluted surroundings. The hot water is very effective in killing bacteria and germs, thereby prevents the risks of infection. 

Moreover, treating your wounds with hot water also kills bacteria and results in better blood circulation in the affected area.

Promotes healthier and cleaner skin

Our skin comprises pores that get frequently clogged due to sebum, dry skin cells, dust, and other pollutants. 

Treating your skin with hot water opens up the clogged skin pores, and washes away the toxins and impurities. Thus, a gentle sponge massage during a hot water shower leaves you with cleaner and healthier skin. 

Moreover, a hot water shower prevents the skin from drying quickly and keeps it moist for a longer duration, thereby assists in moisturizing the skin. 

Provides immense relaxation 

The hot water shower relaxes the body by reducing the muscle stiffness, improving the blood circulation, and relieving the pain. 

It acts as a gentle massager over your neck, back, and shoulders; which relieves the muscle tension and soothe stiffness in these areas. 

After a tiring and hectic day, the hot water shower lets you relax within no time and leaves you feeling immensely relaxed and soaking in the comfort of a warm bath.

Makes you fall asleep quickly

A hot water shower acts as a potent natural sedative as it relaxes and soothes your body; thereby prepares you for sound sleep quickly. When your body gets physically relaxed, your mind gets into resting mode.

Thus, it does away with the need of taking sleeping pills by providing a healthy alternative.

Ensure to take a hot shower at least 20 minutes before bedtime so that you would have enough time to dry your body and do other pre-sleep rituals.

Reduces Stress  

A hot water shower acts as an ideal stress buster to beat the blues of exhaustive and energy-sapping day. 

Even when you are depressed and struggle to stay calm, a hot shower relaxes your body and mind. 

Studies have proved that hot water enhances the levels of the feel-good hormone Oxytocin in our body which reduces stress levels and boosts our mood.

Acts as a natural decongestant

Doctors recommend taking hot water shower or hot steam to relieve the symptoms of cold and flu. It clears out the mucus stuffed nasal passages, and loosens the chest congestion. 

The natural decongestion action of hot-water steam provides great relief in treating sinus problems and flu symptoms. It also cures headaches by dilating the narrowed blood vessels in the head region.

Lowers blood pressure

Many scientific research studies have proven that treatment with hot water reduces high blood pressure in patients.

High blood pressure is a very common ailment in current times. Rather than popping up pills, taking a good 10-15 minutes hot water shower normalizes your blood pressure and proves to be a healthy alternative.  

If you are suffering from heart conditions and take high blood pressure medications, it is advisable to consult your doctor before implementing a hot water shower as your treatment regimen.

Enhances blood circulation

The hot water shower improves the blood circulation and cures various ailments associated with restricted blood flow in the body.

It dilates the narrowed arteries, enhances the blood flow, and relieves the associated pain. 

When you immerse yourself completely in your bathtub filled with hot water, it exerts pressure on your heart and causes it to works faster. This leads to increased blood flow from the heart and improves blood circulation.

Treats muscular and joints pain

A hot water shower improves blood circulation in the joints region, reduces muscle stiffening, and loosens the muscular tissues of tendons, ligaments, and joints. 

It results in relieving muscular and joint pain associated with various medical conditions like arthritis and muscle tears. 

Keeps diabetes in check

As per a study by Loughborough University, scientists have suggested that a hot water shower burns the calories and keep diabetes in check by lowering the blood sugar levels.

You must consult with your doctor before including a hot water shower as a treatment for controlling diabetes.

Lifts the mood and treats depression

A hot water shower relaxes your body and lifts your mood. It makes you feel better about yourself. It diminishes the feelings of anxiety and hopelessness.

Some psychologists have opined that a hot water shower boosts feelings of easiness and comfort. It leads to improved self-confidence for facing the daily challenges of life.  


The immense benefits of a hot water shower make you long for it and make it an indispensable part of your daily routine. The therapeutic effects of hot water on your mind, body, and soul are next to none.

Purchasing the best geyser that supplies you hot water whenever you need, is the first step towards enjoying the advantages of a hot water shower. 

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