Unique Rakhi Gift Ideas for your Brother

Here is a detailed guide to the best rakhi gifts you can surprise your brother with.

Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival where brothers and sisters show love and bond with each other. This festival is incomplete without the exchange of gifts. Presenting a gift to your brother during this festive season will reaffirm him of your love. It will make him feel lucky to have you as his sister. 

To get the best gift for your brother, ensure that you familiarize yourself with his likes and dislikes. Remember that you want to get them something that will put a smile on his face as soon as he unwraps it. 

If getting the right gift for your brother is giving you a difficult time, you need to put a smile on your face since we’ve got you covered. Listed herein are some of the gift ideas that you can get your brother apart from the usual gifts like mugs, cakes, chocolates, etc. Take a look at the unique gift ideas for Raksha Bandhan.

Gift Ideas for Young Brothers

Kids’ laptop


Nothing would beat a good laptop as a gift to your kid brother. The good thing about laptops is that one can use it for school and play. It might be a little difficult for kids to know their way through a windows 10 or macOS, but a kids play toy laptop is the best option for a learning experience.

Also, ensure that the laptop you get for them is durable enough, comes in a plastic body, is lightweight and has a water-resistant keyboard as well. 

By getting him a laptop at a tender age, you’ll help your little one to not only learn and improve on his typing skills but also in hand and eye coordination, introduce him to language, mathematics, and problem-solving skills.

Water Guns

Ask around, and everyone will tell you that boys like water guns and especially during summer. They find it a lot of fun, especially when blasting their unsuspecting friends and running around. Water guns are so much fun that your younger brother will most probably want to use it at all times.

The water gun you go for should have a large capacity for long shooting battles, sturdy enough, and also easy to fill and operate. 


Boys like tricycles and your brother will be no exception. They are fun and help kids with balance and coordination. Just ensure that the tricycle is made from sturdy materials(metal), comes with a helmet, and with an adjustable frame to grow with him.

You can choose to get him a big-wheeled or a low riding tricycle with an oversized front wheel or a push tricycle.

Roller Skates

If your brother is into skating, a good pair of roller skaters will make him melt with joy. You can choose to get him the roller blades or inline skaters, whichever you feel will suit him best. Roller skates are not only good for fun or sports but also help one to lose weight and keep fit. 

With quality roller skates, your brother will get enough time on the ground to clear his mind and forms of depression, enable him to build muscle and tone up and health-wise; strengthen his heart.

Kid’s Headphones


Get the right headphones for your kid brother who likes music. Go for those specially made for kids, a kid-friendly version that won’t expose his ear canal to damage. The headphones should have a voice limiter. If possible, get the over-ear set to avoid irritating the ear canal. 

Scooter Cycle


There are different types of scooters to suit individuals operating with different budgets. If you’ve noticed over time that your brother has a great love for scooters, you can choose to get him one during this festive season. What you need to ensure when getting one is that it comes with foot brakes to control the speed, light in weight, and also durable and robust. 

The scooter should also have an adjustable handle to suit his ride at all times. It will surely make the perfect gift for him, especially if he is an active kid who loves adventure.

Smartwatch for Kids


Smartwatches are more than timepieces, and getting one as a gift for your brother is a great idea. It will help him stay in sync at all times and also keep him entertained until he gets old enough. Smartwatches come with GPS tracking that makes it possible for you to always keep track of your kid brother. 

A smartwatch will also help him to manage his time properly, do messages and voice calls, and also introduce him to technology. Just ensure that you get a durable one that is also waterproof.

Board Games


Did you know that board games are an inexpensive way for families to spend quality time together? If your brother is a screen addict, a board game will keep him off it and help him bond with the rest of the family. Try it, and you’ll be a witness to this. 

Board games play a crucial role in kids’ growth and development. Board games will not only help your brother to engage in real face to face fun but also help him acquire logical and reasoning skills and also boost his ability to critic things.

Board games also help with learning, social, and communication skills. They also help one to relax and get rid of stress.



If he is into cycling, get him a cycle and help him enjoy all the fun. It will also help him grow healthy by burning calories, keep his weight under check, and also build his cardiovascular muscles. A cycle will also help your little brother to get into a good relationship with kids from your neighborhood.

While going for one, be careful to ensure that you get one with an adjustable seat, the right size, and a great design. You also need to consider the weight of your brother.

Toy Guns


Little boys love toy guns. I bet your brother will also get delighted if you get one for him. With it, he will always have fond memories even after he becomes an adult. There are different types of toy guns, including airsoft guns, pop guns, wooden guns, cowboy guns, water pistols, among others and you, therefore, have a variety to choose from. 

While purchasing one for your kid brother, be careful to get one that is safe enough for him to use without supervision since you don’t want him to get hurt or hurt others when playing with it. It should also be light in weight, durable, and easy to use.

Gift Ideas for Adult brothers



Instax is a fun instant camera that most seek for as it does not only shoot beautiful pictures but also enables you to print them on the spot. They come in pretty designs, giving you a variety for you to choose for your brother. 

You can choose to get the mini camera or budget-friendly Fuji Film Instax Mini 8 or Mini 9 or even go for the retro-themed instant one. These cameras work great and will be of much help, especially during the summer holidays. 

Budget Cameras


If you want to get a camera for your brother but you are running on a low budget, you don’t have to rob a bank or worry your heart out. There are lots of budget-friendly cameras that are not only easy to use but also offer exceptional performance.

The camera you get should, however, depend on the level of the user’s prowess. There are plenty in the market to suit beginners, pros, and those that only want to upgrade from a smartphone. Ensure that the one you get produces clear and crisper images and that it can record videos as well.

Duffel Bag


We all need a duffel bag at some point in life. Whether traveling for a holiday, business trip among other travel destinations, you will require this bag and that’s why getting it as a gift for a loved one is an excellent choice.

A duffel bag helps to carry all your items in one place and is easy to grab and throw on your back when traveling. Always consider the capacity of the bag, durability, and comfort. The bag should also be waterproof to protect your items from getting soiled should you get rained on.

Bluetooth Speakers


Travel speakers are awesome. With them, one can party everywhere they go. They make the best companions when chilling at home or going for a picnic with friends. You don’t have to worry if operating under a tight budget since there are lots of budget-friendly Bluetooth speakers in the market today.

If your brother is an outdoor person, ensure that the speaker you select for them is waterproof and dustproof as well. It should also be durable, have long battery life, and also contain excellent sound quality. 

Fitness tracker


Who would hate to get a fitness tracker as a gift? It’s one way of keeping track of one’s weight without putting too much effort. 

It will keep track of your heart rate, quality of sleep, steps taken, burnt calories, and a lot more. The best fitness tracker should be lightweight, compatible with both IOS and android, have long battery life and be waterproof as well. 

Laptop Bags


If your brother owns a laptop, then a quality laptop bag will make a great gift. With it, he can carry his laptop to school with ease and carry it everywhere he goes. A laptop bag helps one to bring a laptop safely from one place to another. 

To get the best laptop bag, check thoroughly to ensure that it has sturdy zippers, light in weight, made from a water-resistant material and most importantly that it comes with a padded laptop compartment to hold it safely at all times. 


Earphones/headphones will make an excellent gift for your brother if he is passionate about music. They are a convenient way to listen to music without disturbing others. 

The gadgets should be comfortable for him to wear for long hours, have an excellent sound quality and also come with the noise cancellation feature and waterproof functionality. 

Sports Shoes/Gym Shoes


Is your brother a fitness freak or in love with sports? If yes, you need to get him a pair of sports shoes during this year’s Raksha festival. The right sports shoes will help him have effective morning jogs and evening workouts as well. 

Ensure that you get shoes with the right cushioning for the sports in question. If not sure about it, ask the seller to help you get the right one since you don’t want to get a gift that doesn’t work at all. Get the size of his shoe right as a sports shoe need to be right-fitting and one that is quite breathable as well. The sports shoe should help him perform better. 

Gym Bags


Know your brother’s style and get him a gym bag that suits him best. Having a place for him to put all his gym attire will make his trips to the gym much easier and comfortable. If you can get one with different compartments for each item, the better. This way, he can separate them for easy retrieval.

Ensure that you get a gym bag that is durable and lightweight, spacious enough for him to carry everything he might require while at the gym, comfortable to carry and one that is breathable to air out the sweaty stuff.

Amazon Echo

Finally, consider getting your brother Amazon Alexa and you might remain the best friends forever. Alexa is fun and a fantastic device to have around. They are inexpensive, smart, and easy to us as well. With Alexa around, life can never be boring. It can do everything he asks it to do, remind him of his daily schedules, answer his questions, help him order essentials, and also play all sorts of audio content. 


With our list, it should now be effortless for you to select a gift for your kid brother or elder brother. All the items make great choices. Make your mind up and go for one. Happy shopping!


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