Unic UC46 LED Projector Review

The Unic UC46 is the latest projector from Unic. It boasts of several advanced technologies that make the entertainment experience even more appealing and exciting. This is a portable projector that is ideal for video games, watching movies, home theater, and business presentations.

It projects crisp, clear, and bright images on the super large screen. What makes it even better is its compatibility with Android, iOS, and Windows 8.1 system or above!

In-built Wi-Fi Connection

This projector comes with in-built Wi-Fi UC46+ connection systems, enabling users to download the EZ CAST App in their laptops, tablets or smartphones, and connect the two gadgets to Wi-Fi. Operating this app allows you to enjoy big-screen experiences of your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.


This is a compact and lightweight projector that makes it portable; it can be moved with ease from one room to another. It’s ideal for people who like carrying their entertainment equipment wherever they go, as well as professionals who are always on the move, having presentations in different locations.


The projector comes with a year manufacturers’ warranty; users can be assured of after-sales-services if the projector becomes faulty within a year from the date of purchase. Users don’t have to be worried about repair costs or the cost of purchasing a new projector if it gets damaged within one year after purchase.


This projector features various connection interfaces such as two Audio Out/VGA/USB/SD Card/HDMI; these facilitate its connection with the users’ devices, including U disks, laptops, X-box, and TV box. UC46+ provides users with unforgettable home theater experiences, as well as the enjoyment of games and crisp, clear images.

Multi-screen Interaction

This projector comes with multi-screen interaction features via UC46+ Phone Data Cable; this greatly facilitates the connection between a smartphone and the projector, achieving multi-screen interaction. By inserting the cable in the USB port in the projector, you only choose “EZwire,” and you are good to go.

Lens Cap

The lens in this projector is fitted in the front unit, and it comes with a removable rubber cap; this cap protects the lens from damage whenever the projector is being moved, as well as preventing dust from settling in the lens, which can distort the image quality.


This projector comes with various accessories which include:

Remote Control

Power Cable

Composite Cable

User Manual

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What Do We like


The projector has a riser fitted underneath it; it’s a long screw that enables users to incline the projector, allowing them to position it easily on a table. It’s convenient if you can’t get the projector raised high enough.

Image Quality

This projector features 800:1 contrast ratios, 16:9 aspect ratios, and WVGA (800×480) high resolutions; these features project crystal clear, detailed, and bright images, making the entertainment experience enjoyable, and the presentations clearer.

What We Don’t Like

Noise Levels

Even though the fan in this projector is relatively quiet, it’s not exactly quiet. It gets heard during quiet scenes in movies and presentations, which can be an inconvenience.


This projector comes with many features that make it ideal for watching movies, video games, and presentations. Coming from the trusted brand UNIC, users need not worry about efficiency or quality.

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