Ooze Punnkk P9 Projector Review

The Ooze Punnkk P9 is a Home Theater projector that projects massive screens, allowing users to have the most enjoyable entertainment experiences. It comes with optical projection systems and LED light sources. Since it comes from one of the most trusted and reliable brands in India, Punnkk, users can be assured of quality, absolute functionality, and a complete home entertainment experience.

Image Quality

The projector features 1280 * 800 dpi native resolutions, 4: 3 / 16: 9 aspect ratios, 1920 * 1080 dpi support resolutions, 15 degrees Keystone Corrections, and brightness lumens of 1280×800 3500; these features help in the projection of high quality, crystal clear, detailed and bright images.


This projector comes with a lamp life span of approximately 50,000 hours; users need not worry about the costs of lamp replacement since it can serve you for several years without needing replacement.


The projector comes with a year of manufacturers’ warranty from the date of purchase. The brand offers excellent after-sales-services to all their clients; the projector can be repaired or replaced in case if it becomes faulty after one year of purchase.


The projector supports an array of connectivity options such as 3-in-1 AV, External AV, SD card, External AV/USB jack, and 3.5 mm headphones that support external devices. These devices include U disk, Digital Cameras, Tablets, Smartphones, KTV, PS/Xbox, Mobile HDD, Camera, DVD Player, laptops, computers, and TV Box.

Projection Distance

The ideal projection distance in this projector is 2-4 meters, which facilitates a projection size of between 50-200 inches, enabling users to enjoy cinema experiences right in their homes.


The projector comes with several accessories including:

Power cable


Remote control

AV cable

User Manual

Power cable

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What Do We like

Trapezoid Correction

The projector comes with 15 degrees trapezoid corrections that allow users to project clear and detailed images even from short distances.

3D Support

This projector comes with 3D support features available in blue-red. Additionally, it features 3D Glasses that allow users to enjoy Red-Blue 3D Movies. The HD Broadcast and LED light source offer groundbreaking and realistic 3D experiences.

What We Don’t Like


This projector is a bit bulky since it weighs 3kgs, meaning that moving it from one place to another can be quite a challenge. Users who like carrying their projectors with them when traveling or moving it from one location to another will find the weight factor discouraging.

Resting Period

For this projector, it’s highly recommendable to give it 3-4 hours rest period after each use to prolong durability and prevent overheating; users who would prefer continuous entertainment will find this inconveniencing.


This is among the most versatile projectors available in the Indian market. It offers excellent performance and, most importantly, projects clear and detailed images from a short distance, making it ideal for use in small rooms such as living rooms for unforgettable and cinema-like entertainment experiences.

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