Ooze Punnkk P5 Projector Reveiw

The ooze Punnkk P5 is a home cinema projector manufactured by the trusted Ooze brand. It’s among the newest models, having been introduced in the market in December 2019. It’s a version of a TV projector, and it comes in white color and an 80-inch screen size.

It uses LED technology and supports special 3D features. It has professional appearance designs that aid ventilation, which has greatly improved its lifetime and stability.


The projector comes with 1000:1 contrast ratios and 800 Lumens that project crystal clear and detailed images in dark settings. It also features High quality optical multi-chip-coated glass lenses that facilitate better transmissions, temperature resistance, and color reproduction in a better way than plastic lenses.

LED Lamp Technologies

This projector comes with the latest and most advanced LED lamp technologies; the lamp has a life span of between 30,000-50,000 hours, meaning that it’s more durable than most projectors.

The best projection distance for this projector is approximately 1.2-2 meters, and the recommended Projection Size is around 49-80 inches; this offers clearer and more detailed images, allowing you to achieve better entertainment.


The projector comes with two years of manufacturers’ warranty from the date it is purchased. Users can contact the company directly on their numbers for any issues related to warranty or software upgrades. In case the projector becomes damaged, it can e replaced or repaired by the professionals from the Ooze brand.

Image Quality

The projector supports 1920 * 1080 resolutions and 4: 3/16: 9 aspect ratios, which ensure quality, clear, and bright images.


The projector comes with AV/USB/HDMI/VGA ports that enable users to connect their digital cameras, MPS, XBOX, WII, DVD, tablets, notebooks, and laptops to enjoy games or videos.


The projector comes with extra accessories that make it easier for the users to use, and they include:

User manual with clear guidelines about installation and use of this projector

AV cable for signal

The remote control allows users to operate the projector from a distance, making it very convenient.

Power cable

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What Do We like

Protection Features

This projector comes protection features that prevent its switch from being damaged in case there is high voltage. These features also protect the lamp from damage when the projector is in use. Additionally, it comes with two fans that prevent it from overheating.

Sound Quality

This home theater projector comes with crystal clear and powerful in-built speakers that offer the ideal sound quality for home entertainment. Users don’t need to use external speakers since it is basically used for home entertainment, not for presentations.

What We Don’t Like


This projector can only be used for home entertainment; it can’t be used in classrooms or meeting rooms for presentations; this limits users who would want to purchase a projector for presentations.


Being among the newest projectors from the Ooze brand, users can be assured that the projector comes with the most modern features. Movie lovers will find this projector amazing and efficient.

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