Ooze Punnkk P1 Projector Review

The Ooze Punnkk P1 projector is manufactured and distributed by Myra Digital India Limited. The company was founded in 2011, and it has become a leading projector brand in India. The brand believes in observing quality standards to ensure that all its projectors are in top working conditions before being delivered to clients.

The brand imports manufacture and distributes projectors across India. This is a portable projector that is compact and light in weight, making it ideal for users who need to move it from one place to another.


This projector is compact and very light; users can comfortably put it in their pocket shirts and move around with it even if they are traveling.

Contact WiFi

The projector comes with Contact WiFi that supports YouTube and Facebook Apps; this is quite a unique feature, especially for users who are internet enthusiasts.

HDMI Features

This projector comes with HDMI features that allow users to connect their PS4 X-Box TV computer boxes and laptops and enjoy playing their games on big screens.

Compatibility/Connection Features

This projector is compatible with smartphones meaning that users can share content on the large screens via the projector. This is made possible by using DNLA/Miracast/iOS features for the transmission. It supports most music, movies, and photo formats. Users can also project by sharing from their tablets, laptops, media players, and game consoles.

Image Adjustment Features

This projector allows users to adjust the image sizes up to 120 inches or reduce the same to 30 inches; this makes it possible for users to watch their movies in their desired image sizes.


The following accessories come with this projector:


Remote Control

Power Adapter

Tripod Stand/Triangle Bucket

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What Do We like

Durability and Large Capacity

This projector comes with a large capacity, and it’s very durable. The large capacity of 5200 mAh is in-built. Upon purchasing the batteries, they can be recharged, and they can run up to two and a half hours without going off when the projector is in use. Users need to make a one-time purchase of the batteries, and they can last for a long time without needing replacement.

Audio Out

The projector comes with Audio Out features that allow users to connect external speakers to it if louder sound levels are needed.

Tripod Stand

The tripod stand that comes with this project offers convenience and is easy to install. The stand offers stable, better, and convenient watching experiences.

What We Don’t Like


This projector needs batteries to keep it running. However, it doesn’t come with any batteries meaning that users need to purchase them separately, translating to extra costs.


This is a portable yet powerful pocket projector that provides quality images with vibrant colors. Its durability and efficiency are must-have features in any projector, making it an ideal choice.  It allows users to transform their homes into cinema theaters at an instant. Professionals who make presentations in different will find this projector handy since its very light.

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