EGate i9 HD Projector Review

EGATE i9 HD projectors give users the chance to change their living rooms into movie theatres.  These projectors display true colors, clear images through the optimized contrast ratios, and optimized brightness. The projectors are easy to use and install and can change the ambiance of the rooms to large extents.

They offer large pictures in your homes, and the images can be made smaller to replace standard televisions that require more room. These projectors are from the Egate brand; an ISO certified, and a leading brand across the globe.

Image Quality

Egate i9 LED HD projector comes with native HD screen support of 1920 x1080 and resolutions of 800 x 480. They have contrasts of 1000:1 and have more than 16k colors.

The resulting images are of high quality, detailed and crystal clear. With many pre-designed movie and picture modes, users can choose the best modes that suit them or customize them as per their desires.

Video Streaming

These projectors come with smart software and powerful hardware that deliver unmatched media and streaming experiences. They are smart enough to get the video contents from the users’ devices and stream them at 3.048 meters.

Fluctuation, Dust, and Heat Proof

Egate brand has an R&D team that has come up with technologies to keep dust away; the optical engines are sealed, preventing dust from gathering inside, which can distort the quality of the images. They have heat sinks that are designed especially for India that can withstand temperatures of up to 49 degrees without getting damaged.

Direct Use With USB

These projectors come with USB direct play features; this means that you don’t require a laptop or a desktop for them to function. Users only need to plug in their data through MSD, HDD, or pen drives, and they can watch their movies, listen to their favorite music, or view pictures.


By purchasing Egate i9 LED HD projectors, you can be sure that you are buying products adapted and made for India. They come with one years’ manufacturers’ warranty provided by the company. The projectors are rectified or replaced if they become faulty within one year after purchase.

Throw Ratios

It comes with throw ratios; they have five pieces of glass lenses, giving users many years of clear clarity and detail. These ensure short focal lengths meaning that larger images are displayed from shorter distances, which translates to brighter images.

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What Do We like

Input/ Output Ports

These projectors come with output and input ports, which provide great and simple ways to connect to any media devices that users want to use. Their inbuilt e-core engines are powerful and offer quality services. You can say goodbye to Televisions and enjoy the top quality images from the theatres, making them unique and fascinating products.


Led – Life-Long Lamps

These projectors come with life-long lamps that can increase the projectors’ working lives for more than twenty years.  They combine LCD features, yielding better quality images at lower costs.

What We Don’t Like

Wi-Fi Connectivity

These projectors lack Wi-Fi connectivity, which is a crucial feature for some users.

In-built Speaker

The in-built speakers are not of good quality. You can not be depended on it


These projectors are made with climatic conditions in mind. They are quite durable yet offer the desired image qualities by users. With over 180 retail centers where users can get them, accessing customer-care-services is easy.

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