Canon Rayo i5 Projector Review

The Canon Rayo i5 projector is unique in that it complements smartphone proliferation trends excellently. It comes with a versatility that is present in mini projectors and easy setup, making a must-have a projector.

The projector boosts the information power truly by enhancing how videos, presentations, and photographs are shared. Coming from the trusted brand Canon, users can be guaranteed enjoyable entertainment experience and quality.

Compact Design

The projector is compact, and it comes with lightweight designs making it very portable; users can easily move it around or even travel with it without feeling like it’s a burden.

For business professionals on the move, this projector is an excellent complement to a wide array of mobile devices, facilitating impactful presentations of their ideas wherever and whenever.

Additionally, its compact size makes it very convenient to be carried in the provided carry-on bags or shirt pockets, making it ideal for educational, retail, and corporate purposes.


The projector comes with a one year warranty from the Canon brand. Users can be assured of after-sales-services from the customer care representatives in case the projector becomes faulty within one year of purchase. It can either be replaced or repaired depending on the causes of the damage.

Plug and Play Features

The projector comes with wireless features that do away the inconvenience of using cables while projecting. This feature is very convenient since users can share content or play their movies from iOS/Android devices very easily using DLNA/Mirroring technologies.

Providing continuous and stable 100 Ansi brightness levels, the projector crisp clear and detailed images with WVGA resolutions for entertainment at home, business presentations, and karaoke parties.

Mini Tripod

This is a unique feature since the height can be adjusted to facilitate the preferred angles for viewing. Additionally, it’s easy to install.


This is a very durable projector since it comes with a lamp life span of 20,000 hours. Users can use it frequently without worrying about the costs of purchasing new lamps.

Built-in Speakers

The projector comes with in-built speakers that are very useful for projection needs. The sound quality is good, and external speakers aren’t necessary for this projector. Users have the option of connecting their headphones to the projector for even better entertainment.

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What Do We like

Fit For All Needs

This projector has limitless applications; be it watching football matches on car roofs or recipes on the kitchen wall as you cook, transforming airport lounges into demo zones or turning your balcony into a cinema hall, this projector has it all.

What We Don’t Like

Remote Control

This projector doesn’t come with a remote control meaning that users have to move physically to where it is placed to operate it, which can be an inconvenience.

Stamina That Offers Longer Running Periods

The battery in this projector can run continuously for about two hours at standard brightness; this means that users don’t have to be worried about power in case they are making presentations, viewing pictures or watching movies.


This is one of the most compact projectors; imagine just putting your projector in your shirt pocket and walking around to whatever place you want? Isn’t that unbelievable? If you are always on the move and you need to carry a projector with you, this is the perfect choice for you.

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