Powermax Fitness – UrbanTrek TD-M4 Review

If you are in the fitness industry and searching or a great treadmill for a long time, you have heard of UrbanTrek. The product is designed to ensure great cardio activity at your home convenience. Not only developed from the modern perspective but also have some of the most significant features that provide a fruitful workout session.

Easy folding with a single button, quick installation, convenient workout, and great design all-together makes this treadmill a great choice for including in your family.

Being featured with a wide running surface along with the handrails for security, 10cm of ground height ensures a safe and comfortable running. Since the manufacturer is aware of the need for a great shock abruption to take the intense workout of pro runners, this machine is integrated with a next-generation shock absorption system.

This becomes a help in softer landing as it offers gradual force deflection. Hence, no matter how much you exercise, you can stay assured that your ankle and knees remain protected.

Whether you are a runner or a beginner who just wants to start walking, you should always keep in a track about the heart rate. As we all know that while workout, your heart starts pumping more blood but too much of pumping can become a matter of concern.

This is the reason why you need a heart rate sensor, which has been integrated into this machine. Moreover, you can also detect the body fat. With some of the unique features, this treadmill has proven to be the first preference for the users.

Don’t think this is enough of the features; let us now have a detailed look at the features of UrbanTrek TD-M4    by Powermax Fitness.

Top Features of UrbanTrek TD-M4 by Powermax Fitness

2.0 HP Motor:

With the 2.0 HiTorque motor, the treadmill ensures its durability and quality. HiTorque’s engineering is only provided to keep users moving and accomplish their fitness goals. AAA copper coils and oversized casting ensures noise reduction to an immense extent. So you can hop on this machine and expect it to help in accomplishing your fitness goals.

Sturdy Design and Top-Notch Quality:

The manufacturers have left no stones unturned to make the treadmill look stunning. With a simple design and brick-shaped design of the body, you can comprehend its strength. Focused on making an ergonomic design, users can enjoy and stay comfortable while running.

High-End configuration:

The treadmill has MU integrated from ST Microelectronics, touching key clip and LD drive clip from the Taiwan Company, static wire from the famous BASF Germany along with the 2.0 HP motor ensures hardware quality.


This treadmill comes with a lightweight design of only 41kgs. The wheels integrated into it ensure easy transportation along with compact storage. It will not take space of more than 0.5 sq meters along with easy folding within a minute.

User-Friendly and Secure:

Whether you want it for normal running, walking or jogging, this user-friendly machine can easily adapt to your running state. Moreover, you have the speed control with the break provided on a LED control panel. Once you pull the 1.2m magnetic line, it ensures an emergency stop and protecting the safety of the users.

No Expert Installation Required:

With the pre-assembled machine within the carton, no need to call an engineer for assembling. This fantastic new design is always ready to perform. Just unbox it, plug in and enjoy happy exercising.

Heart Rate Monitoring:

With the inbuilt Pulse sensor while the workout session you can get a real-time update of the heart health.

Safety Running Key:

The treadmill comes with an auto stop functioning. All you need is to simply fasten the clip with the clothes you are wearing and keep running. In case the treadmill feels in a problem like falling or drifting back, it will immediately stop and prevent any serious damage.

Shock Absorption:

This new treadmill makes use of the latest “Silkworm Rubber Balloon Precision Cushions” rather than just the spring absorption, it decreases any impact on your knees during running. This latest technology can absorb shock and prevent knee injury.

Wide Running Track:

This treadmill has a 43.3” X 16.9” of running surface the ensure providing a great running environment. It is an excellent inclusion in your fitness world.

Media Holder:

To ensure convenience, this treadmill comes with a tablet and phone holder. This provides easy access to your stuff. Moreover, the USB charging port available to charge your device at the same time is an additional feature in itself.

Maximum User Capacity:

It has a maximum user capacity of 100kg. However, the manufacturer advises keeping the additional 25kg for running. For instance, if your weight is 75kg or less than that, you can buy a treadmill whose max user capacity if 100kg.


The steel crowned, precision mechanized rollers ensure keeping the belt proper and smooth movement while running. This improves the belt and life of the bearings.


The heavy steel mainframe is coming with three layers of pains, preventing corrosion and increasing the longevity of the treadmill. The sturdy alloy frames ensure stronger and reliability.

Brief Look At The Features:

Motor Power2.0 HP
Speed1.0 to 14.0 km/h
Running Belt3.2 mm sized anti-static running belt
Max User Capability100kg
Shock AbsorptionLatest “Rubber Balloon precision cushioning.”
Running Surface43.3 X 16.9 inch
Device HolderYes
Preset Programs3 Target-based and 3 preset programs
Foldable Yes
Portable Yes
Auto LubricationYes
Warranty1year on parts, 3 years on motor and lifetime for the frame
NoiseNo due to the oversized casing
Safety KeyYes

What Do We Like About This Treadmill

  • Fat Check This is one of the amazing things that one can check in this treadmill. On the LCD console, you can find the heart rate, calories burnt along with a fat check. When you observe your fats and calories are getting burnt, it automatically inspires the users to go for more.
  • App Based: This treadmill has the ability to connect with an app called “FitShow,” and it is controlled from a mobile phone. All you need is to set the target and then keep moving. It is like your personal trainer.
  • Great Size: The best part of this treadmill is that even when it has all the advanced features and looks tremendously sturdy, it does not take much space. This is the reason why it is great for home use.
  • Attractive Design: Well, even when we know that design is not that important, but even then, there is no denying that this treadmill has a beautiful design. The designs are worth the price.
  • Commendable Auto Lubrication: Since lubrication is necessary, this treadmill claims to come with great auto lubrication. Fortunately, when we used it, we were highly satisfied with the auto lubrication feature. This ensures keeping the treadmill in decent quality without the need for any additional maintenance.
  • Can be folded: It can be easily folded to ensure saving your space. Since most of the people do not have a dedicated room for exercise, there is a need for space-saving. This treadmill has justified the point and ensures keeping the living space as usual spacious.

What We don’t like

  • No Incline Degrees: This treadmill does not have any incline degrees and hence don’t expect to practice uphill or downhill running.


After going through the features of these treadmills and understanding the drawbacks, it is obvious that this is a great buy at this price range of INR 45,000. Unlike the high-end machine that costs more than INR 80,000 to get these features. At a half price, you can avail of some of the amazing features.

Undoubtedly no incline degree is a drawback, but then again with so many other valuable features, it tends to become a value for the money.

Just place the order for this treadmill today and enjoy your exercise.


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