Powermax Fitness TDM 99S Review

Powermax Fitness is a leading brand that deals with the manufacture of some of the best treadmills in the market. Here we have reviewed the Powermax Fitness TDM 99S treadmill by providing its detailed features, pros, and cons.

With the world getting highly advanced, we are getting used to the advancement by walking at the same pace with the trend and technology. When it comes to staying in trend, then the most important of all is to be in proper shape.

Even when a proper shape is just a result of the entertainment industry, staying fit is definitely a need for one and all in order to stay fit and healthy. You definitely don’t want to visit a doctor and take medication every day, and which is why to make sure of a fit and healthy lifestyle, you need to make sure that you exercise every single day.

Exercise is the best way to keep you away from health troubles. Running, as usual, is the most popular and common exercise that should be there in your daily regime, and it requires moving out. Since going out in today’s highly hectic schedule totally seems like a dreadful dream, the treadmill has become a great inclusion in our lives. With this advanced technology, exercising has become a lot easier and can be done at the convenience of our homes.

With the new Powermax Fitness TDM-99S, you can achieve your fitness goals at the convenience of your home. As we all know that Powermax Fitness is a great brand in the world of the treadmill and with this new inclusion, this brand is actually making a huge rise in the market.

With some of the amazing features and stylish designs used in this treadmill, it is actually becoming a favorite for the people. Starting from a hardy motor, to the variation in the speed levels to the incline angles availability, everything about this treadmill is highly valuable for the users. Even when it is available at a reasonable price, the treadmill still has managed to integrate all the important features in it.

This new treadmill has not only been integrated with some of the amazing features, but its stylish appearance makes it set perfectly with your home décor. Before going forward, we will have a look at the many specifications of this Powermax Fitness TDM 99S.

Product Features

While searching for a treadmill, we mostly compare the features and then its look. As features play a vital role in our daily lives, we just cannot ignore them. This is the reason why the new treadmill has been equipped with the features to make exercising a bit easier and convenient for you while providing the best results in less time.


In order to make it a safe choice for the people, the product offers a lifetime warranty. This again makes it a reliable name for the customers. This new Powermax Fitness TDM 99S comes with 3 years of motor warranty, 1 year of labor and parts warranty. This makes it a safe bet for the people.

1.5HP Motor

The treadmill has been provided with a sturdy motor of 1.5HP that gives it the ability to take the weight and intense exercise. Being provided with high-end features, a great motor is a necessity to keep it running. This is the reason why the treadmill has been integrated with a robust 1.5HP motor.

3 Levels of Manual Incline:

The treadmill is perfect for the intense trainees who want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. There is no doubt that uphill running always offers the best result than running on a plain surface. Keeping the needs of the people in mind, this treadmill has been offered with 3 levels of manual incline. This means when your body is asking for something to be more challenging along with speed running, the manual incline will be a great combination.

Unique LED Display:

Unlike other treadmill comes with a huge LED display in front of it, this treadmill is slightly different from others. Its unique display on its wide flat handles makes it look totally sleek and amazing. This unique LED display is not only easy to visualize but also offer complete information about the speed, distance, calories, heart rate and time.

110kgs of Max User Weight:

A treadmill is not customized, these are being designed taking in mind regarding the average weight of the users. In order to help people acquire the best result without buying more treadmill, this treadmill has been integrated with a capacity of 110kgs of weight. This is the reason why it becomes a great choice for families.

1.0– 14.0km/h Speed:

As we all know that people who want to go for the intense running sessions needs extreme variation in their daily exercise routine. Keeping this mind, the treadmill has been provided with speed variations of 1 to 14km/h, which is huge for both normal and intense trainees. Running on these top speeds require extreme capabilities and energy. It can easily tone your muscles.

12 Preset Programs:

There is no doubt that people do not have personal trainers. Most of us tend to train ourselves on our own and which is why we need proper guidance.

But when the treadmill already has designed the workout for you, there is no further need for any trainers. With the 12 preset programs being designed in a manner to provide ultimate challenge for your bodies, these programs have become highly beneficial for people.

45.2 x 15.9 Inches of Running Surface:

While buying a treadmill, you always need to keep in mind regarding the deck surface. Keeping in mind, the people are most frightened about if they fall from the treadmill. This is the reason why this treadmill has been provided with a longer and broader surface of 45.2 x 15.9 inches.

This is a great surface area that ensures comfortable running on top speed. You can stay assured of not falling down even when you are running on the top speeds.

Let us have a look at the features in brief:

WarrantyLifetime frame warranty, 1 year for labour and parts and 3 years for motor
Motor1.5 HP
Incline Level3 level of manual incline
Max User Weight110kgs
Deck Surface45.2x 15.9 Inches
Speed Limit1 – 14km/h
Shock AbsorptionDouble layered boards with rubber cushion to reduce joint pain
Console FunctionsSpeed, Distance, Heart Rate. Calories, BMI and speed
ConnectivityUSB and MP3 input
Heart rate sensorsYes, on handrails
FoldableYes with HSS system
Preset Programs12
iPad HolderYes
PortableYes with wheels
InstallationEasy installation

What Do We like

  • Looks Unique and Amazing: Even when it is a great treadmill having all the great features integrated into it, the manufacturers and the designers behind it has done a great job on its designing. We just love the way it looks completely sleek yet having the efficacy to handle even some of the most intense exercises. This is a machine for both beginners and pro trainees.
  • Great Display: The treadmill does not come with the same display as that of the other treadmills available in the market. It has an amazing flat display that offers you each and every information  like time, heart rate, speed, distance and calories that you need to see while running.
  • Foldable: Keeping in mind regarding our needs of especially people with a small apartment, the treadmill has been designed in a great foldable way. You can easily fold it due to the presence of the HSS system, you can fold and then store it in some corners.
  • Robust Machine: As we mentioned earlier that the machine looks extremely very sleek, but even then the treadmill is extremely very strong to take the intense sessions. Being made with steel, this treadmill can easily take your intense workout. We even tried running on the top speeds and to our surprise, we did not find any wobbling while working out.
  • Loved the iPod stand: Unlike the other machines that do not have iPod stand right in front, this machine definitely has. The iPod stand has been made in a way that the iPod can be easily placed in front and be accessed while you are on your treadmill.
  • USB Connection: Since we always need some inspiration and music has been the only way to keep us going, the USB connection is a great way. Now we can hear music while running or exercising on the treadmill.

What We Don’t Like

  • Manual Incline: We definitely love the incline and obliged to have the incline angles being provided in the treadmills, but it could be better if the inclines were automatic. With the manual incline, things might be easy but automatic becomes much rewarding for the trainees.


Motorised treadmills are like a blessing for the youngsters because of their extreme features and ability to make your fit and healthy right at the convenience of your home. With this new Powermax Fitness TDM 99S, you will be surprised to see so many new features available for you to help you enjoy a great workout routine every day. With the great running area and incline and speed, you can actually do whatever you want to do and push yourself to more extent just to achieve your dreams.

So what are you waiting for? Just purchase this outstanding machine and enjoy a daily workout routine without the need for going out.


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