Powermax Fitness TDA 350 Review

In the world where staying fit is a necessity, making sure that you keep exercising daily needs to be your prime lookout. Exercising has innumerable health benefits and can ensure keeping you away from the need for medication.

For exercising, you require going out and running on a daily basis, but do your packed schedule allows you to do so? Probably a big NO. This, as a result, forces people to skip their exercise regime and the resultant is the end number of health issues.

As we all know when you are exercising, you need to put your complete dedication and never miss it. But since, we are held back due to lack of time or excess workload or feel lazy; looking for other convenient options is what we seek for. In such a scenario where staying fit and healthy is always trendy but finding time is difficult, purchasing a high-end treadmill becomes a valuable decision.

Due to the rising demand of the treadmills, nowadays you will be finding thousands of choices of treadmill available on the internet. Each and every company claims to offer the best products and which is where the difficulty lies.

To cut short while making a choice, we have found Powermax Fitness TDA 350 is an excellent choice for you. This treadmill can fulfill your requirements with its powerful motor. High quality, easily operated and foldable treadmill for home use ensure to keep you fit and healthy.

Sturdy machine and its power ensure running every day and maintaining better health. Obviously, this treadmill has been packed with various other amazing features, which is why it has such a huge demand among the people.

With some of the great features that have benefits on your health, this treadmill becomes an ideal inclusion for the families. This is the reason why you need to make sure that the treadmill has all the required features that you are looking for at the set budget.

Product Specifications

Features are important to consider when it comes to buying a treadmill. The price tag set in every treadmill is also due to the features and design of the treadmill. So before buying this treadmill, let us have a detailed look at its features.

3 HP Motor:

The treadmill has been equipped with a powerful 3HP motor that ensures trainees to carry any high-end activities. As people who are in serious training require taking new challenges every single day to make them stay fit and this needs a strong motor.

With a 3 HP motor, you can stay assured that the machine will be able to take any exercise irrespective of being a beginner’s training or an intense one.

7 Inches of Display:

The treadmill has been designed with a massive 7 inches of display. With such a giant screen, this treadmill provides you with ample space to find all the required information about the treadmill. On this vast display, one can quickly check the distance, speed, pulse, calories, time and much more.

18 Auto-Incline degrees:

The treadmill has been equipped with 18 levels of auto incline degrees, which means you will be presented with a vast range of challenges. Not only speed is necessary but adding incline to it makes it ideal equipment. As well as know that running uphill has a lot more critical than running on pain land as it always acquiring faster results. Therefore, this treadmill will become a beneficial addition to your family.

120 Kgs of Max User Weight:

Checking the maximum user weight is another essential factor to ensure the longevity of the treadmill and stay away from any wear or tear.

Making the treadmill a versatile machine the manufacturer has designed in a way that the treadmill has the ability to tale almost 120kgs of user weight. However, make sure that you keep 25kgs as a buffer while running on top speeds.

AUX/USB Connection:

In order to help you listen to music while exercising, the treadmill has been designed with USB/AUX connectivity. As we all know that music keeps us motivated and we all have a chosen slot of a playlist.

To make it enthusiastic for the people and able to connect easily with your chosen playlist, the treadmill has been provided with USB and AUX connectivity. Hence you can now connect and stay working out.

53.5 x 18.8 Inches of Running Belt:

While we check all the other attributes of a treadmill, but we hardly focus on the running belt. Often taller people find it extremely difficult to run on the treadmill as they have larger strides while running which means they feel uncomfortable.

Mainly they feel like falling while running and which is why this treadmill becomes an ideal inclusion. With 53.5 x 18.8 inches of running area, you can stay assured of security irrespective of your height. The running board is made with Octo-Flexi Rubber Cushion, making it safer

HSS System of Folding:

In today’s date, you mainly deal with less space, and therefore space-saving technology is in huge demand. Folding treadmills are a big development in the fitness world as it ensures easy installation in the home without eating space. Keeping in mind regarding this problem, the manufacturer of this treadmill has integrated the HSS system that ensures easy and thereby saving your space.

Wheels for Portability:

Storing is another big problem for people who have limited space. Not always, we can just fold and keep it wherever it is. It becomes possible with people who have a dedicated room for exercising.

Portability is another necessary feature integrated into this treadmill. With wheels being equipped, you can easily push the treadmill and store it in some corner keeping is room spacious.

iPad and mobile Holder:

We almost carry our gadgets everywhere we go and which means we need it during our training time as well. To make sure that your gadgets are safe, the treadmill has been designed with a mobile and iPad holder as well. You can easily keep your gadgets and concentrate on exercising without the fear of your phone falling.

Let us have a look at the features in brief:

Motor3.0 HP
Running Area53.5 x 18.8 Inches
Max User Weight120kg
Incline0 to 18 Degrees
Shock AbsorptionRunning board double layered with rubber cushion reduce joint stress
Speed0 – 18km/h
Running BeltAnti-static
Displayseven Inches of Blue LCD
RollersSteel crowned ensures smooth running
Console FunctionsSpeed, Time, distance, calories, pulse and incline
ConnectivityAUX and USB. Also Bluetooth for iOS and Android Apps.
Preset Programs12 programs with 3 target based modes
Fast KeysYes for incline and speed
Heart RateYes on handrails
FoldableYes with HSS system
PortableYes, with wheels
Mobile 7 iPad holderYes
WarrantyLifetime for the frame, 1 year for labor and parts and 3 years on the motor
FanYes cooling fan integrated

What Do We like

  • Great Packaging: We just loved the way the treadmill arrived for us. To make sure that the user gets the best product without any scratch or wear and tear, the materials have been packed with proper cushioning. We loved the packing, and that has a lot of say about this brand.
  • Easy Assembly: Even when we find this treadmill bit heavier, we still would never take aback to say that it will not be tough to assemble the product on your own if you follow the video. Most of the parts come assembled, and the remaining can be easily done. However, in case you are not sure, you always have the option of calling an expert.
  • Perfect Belt Size: Unlike all the other treadmills available in the market irrespective of its price tag do not offer ample space for walking or running on the treadmill. We were simply surprised to find such a spacious treadmill that gives so much room for trainees to keep running without the fear of falling down and breaking the bones.
  • Strong Built: Definitely the treadmill has been built in a robust manner. It quality shows its ability to take the intense exercises. We can assure users to keep exercise without the fear of wear and tear.
  • Appreciable Max User Weight: In almost all the other treadmill, you will be finding a max of 100kgs, but this treadmill, on the other hand, has set its own mark but putting a limit of 120kgs. Hence it becomes ideal for the families.
  • Great Suspension for running: While running, it is always said by the doctors to wear medicated shoes as it keeps your joints in proper condition. Since it is a crucial aspect, the treadmill has been equipped with a proper running board and suspension to keep your joints in place and proper condition.

What We Don’t Like

  • Unexpected Speaker Quality: We expected the speaker to be in much better quality than what is integrated into the machine. Even when the connectivity is up to the mark, the speakers have been a disappointment for us.
  • Moving is hectic as it is heavy: Even when the treadmill has been provided with foldable option and wheels for portability, it is actually very hard to move it from one place to another. The reason is because of its weight. It becomes hectic to move so make sure you have dedicated space for this treadmill.


 Apart from being heavy and speaker quality, we loved the features provided in this treadmill. Starting from the outstanding running surface being designed to the robust motor to the amazing suspension, everything about this treadmill ensures comfortable and motivated exercise.

Moreover, since the treadmill comes almost 90% pre-assembled, all you need is to just watch the video and get the treadmill ready for a workout.  

So what are you waiting for? Just buy this Powermax Fitness TDA 350 treadmill and enjoy being fit staying right at your home.


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