Syska Power Core 200 20000mAh Lithium Polymer Blue Power Bank Review

Backup is always important, be it for your data or utilities. Therefore, Power Banks have occupied the market where they serve as the bridging gap between sockets and phones. These have become vital accessories for all. It is almost impossible to travel somewhere without it.  Thus, Syska is yet again back with, “Power Core 200 20000 MAh Lithium Polymer Blue “.

With its overwhelming power storage capacity of 20000mAh and lithium Polymer battery composition, it can also be carried with ease. It is utilized within an instant of thought.


It comes with an excellent 20000 mAh capacity. It can charge the smartphone for at least 4-5 times.

Quality and Colour

It is built with extreme knowledge about style and security with the Lithium Polymer cells. The sleek and stylish physical appearance serves to go with the trends. The blue color outer body enhances its overall look.


You can charge it with its two input sources, either with micro USB ports or the Type C Cables at home. Also, you can look into the battery charge status using the specified indicators.

Unique Current Shunt

The device is supported with a unique current shunt that helps in the process of charging the device. It allows for efficient and safe self-charging. Also, it charges other devices.

Multiprotective IC

The intelligently designed device helps in saving power. It also enhances the durability of the device by stopping charge when the device is fully charged. Hence, it eliminates problems like overcharging, which leads to damage to phones or other devices.

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What Do We like

Fast Charging

It contains the technology that supports fast charging in both ways, input, and output ways. Hence, it helps in saving your time.

Device Compatibility

]Devices such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras and iPods, headphones, etc. can be charged using the power bank. It comes with universal compatibility, allowing you to charge various devices on the go.


The well designed internal circuits prevent any failure and shocks. Thereby, it provides ultimate safety to the users.


The power bank can be stored and carried easily to every location and place. Hence, it can be used with ease when needed.

What We Don’t Like

Not productive for non-travelers

The device is may not be productive for people who stay at a single place all day as they can quickly charge their devices using the chargers.


The power banks come with a warranty period of 6 months from the manufacturer. Also, it is easy to use and maintain, making it extremely consumer-friendly.

It can also be carried easily to places and can serve as an aid when electricity is absent. Thus, adding to the numerous advantages. For all those looking for the same, these can serve as an ideal choice meeting to the users’ demands.

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Hari Priya

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