Syska Power Core 100 P1015B-BK 10000mAH Lithium Polymer Power Bank Review

The innovation of technology has made smartphones an integral part of our lives. It is essential to keep them charged. The feature-packed Syska Power Core 100 P1015B-BK saves us from the hassle of wall charging. It also charges multiple devices on the go.

High-density polymer cell

The grade A+ high-density Lithium-ion battery provides the power bank a considerable battery back up as it comes with a battery capacity of 10,000 mAh. Hence, on a single charge, it offers multiple charges to the device at any time and place.

Intelligent multi-protection circuits

The Multi-protection circuits of the power bank protect it from overcharging and short circuits. It even prevents improper insertion by disabling current output as it exceeds the rated current. So even if you forget to turn off the plug after the power bank is charged, the power bank is safe.

Advanced current shunt

Advanced current shunt ensures that current is not drained out in one go. It helps when charging multiple devices to ensure every device gets uniformly charged. The current shunt closes the current flow when the power bank is self-charging and outputting power at the same time.

Multiple connectors

The power bank comes with Dual USB ports for output and one micro USB and 1 type C port for output. These multiple connectors provide convenience while using the power bank.

Dual USB ports

The Syska Power Bank comes with 2USB Ports to provide multiple charges to multiple devices. Hence, you can charge two devices simultaneously.

Intelligent circuit design

After the power bank has been charged, its charge gets distributed and gets stored in the Lithium-Ion battery. This protects the device when its charging or discharging to other devices.

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What Do We like


The power bank is sleek, weighs only 200g, and can easily be carried around in pockets and bag packs.

Prolonged battery life

The power bank reduces the energy consumption of recharging. It uses an automatic current shunt and prolongs battery life.


Syska power banks are designed in such a way to ensure the safety of the product.  If one forgets to switch off the plug after the power bank has been charged, the IC protection automatically cuts off the power coming from the power source. Hence, it protects your device from overcharging & discharging.

Universal Compatibility

Syska power banks are universally compatible with multiple devices. It ensures numerous charges to all devices. It saves you from the hassle of buying and carrying different power banks for different devices.


The power bank comes with a six months warranty. So one can use the power bank to the fullest without worrying about it getting damaged.

What We Don’t Like

Heats up

One disadvantage of the power bank is that it heats up quickly and then stops working.

Battery drainage

As the power bank gets old, the battery starts draining quickly.


The featured-packed power bank is easily portable and universally compatible. It comes with multiple connectors and has a long battery life as it uses high-density Lithium-ion batteries. Moreover, the IC technology protects the power bank from overcharging, voltage surges, and improper insertion. Hence, it is a safe and reliable option.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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