SYSKA P1016B Power Pocket 100 10000 mAh Power Bank Review

Power banks are now the new wanderlust for all those cravings to continue everlasting fun with their gadgets. These have become a standard utility that almost every individual wishes to possess. However, making the right choice is the only hurdle. Thus, stepping forward with its latest innovation, Syska is back with it’s “P1016B Power Pocket 100 10000MAh (Black) “.

These power banks, apart from featuring a black and elegant design, have a remarkable capacity of 10000 MAh. Also, these are stated as one of the safety devices due to it’s intelligently designed internal circuits.



The device has an excellent capacity of 10000 MAh that is made up of Lithium Polymer battery, which owes to charge the devices efficiently. It is an excellent option for battery backup.

USB Output

These devices contain efficient dual USB outputs, which may be used to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Hence, you can charge your smartphone and any other device on the go.

USB Input

The device can be easily charged using the available micro USB input and the type C cables. It enables you to avail of easy and accessible charging points in every corner. Also, it’s battery indicator lights allow you to know the level of charge remaining.

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What Do We like

Avoid Overcharging or discharging conditions

These are built in an effective manner such that their internal circuits do not allow overcharging or discharging. It also allows advanced current shunt to get into action, which enables the power bank to self-charge and charge your device simultaneously.

Long Battery Life

After suitable tests, these are certified to ensure a long battery life to the device. Hence, it is ideal for prolonged use.


The device has intelligently designed internal circuits such that it ensures a 100% safety from any circuit failures and shocks during the ideal conditions. It keeps you and your device safe at all times.


These are cost-effective accessories that serve to satisfy every class of society.

What We Don’t Like

Charging time

Users have complained that it takes a long time for smartphones to charge. Other power banks are capable of charging the device faster.


The device has a six months manufacturer warranty. Also, apart from it’s lavish and stunning black color, these can be easily stored and carried to various places. You can take it in your bag, pouch, or pocket. Moreover, its unique features and easy to use design makes it an ideal choice for most users.

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