Samsung Wireless Powerbank 10000mAh (EB-U1200CPNGIN) Review

Our day to day activities, be it ordering food, booking tickets, cabs or hotels, or the fundamental communication revolves around smartphones or smart devices like smartwatches, etc. We cannot do it without these devices. Hence, we cannot stand the risk of a dying battery.

Samsung is a leading electronics manufacturing company that deals with the manufacture of washing machines, refrigerators, and accessories like power banks. The Samsung wireless power bank not only provides quick wireless charge to devices on the go as they are very user-friendly. It also relieves us of the hassle of wall charging.

10,000 mAh wireless battery

The power bank comes with a very high-quality lithium polymer battery of 10,000 mAh, which is very powerful and provides excellent battery backup. With this power bank at disposal, one does not have to worry about battery drainage.

Type C output

The Power bank has type C output, which facilitates fast charge of two devices simultaneously. It saves time and energy.

Wireless Battery

The latest wireless battery pack enables wireless charging of Qi-compatible devices. It charges up to two phones at once with its fast charging capabilities, whether the phone is plugged in or is being charged wirelessly.

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What Do We like

Fast wireless charger

The power bank provides wireless charging on the go. The wireless battery pack enables quick wireless charging of a Galaxy smartphone, Qi, Gear S3/Sport, or compatible galaxy watch. With USB Type-C port, the device is charged in no time, whether it is plugged in or wirelessly charged even without an outlet sight.


The power bank is versatile and compatible with not only galaxy phones but also other galaxy wearables and devices like Samsung galaxy watch, Qi, gear S3/sport, or galaxy buds. This saves money and energy, saving you the hassle of buying different power banks for different devices.

Great design

The power bank has been ergonomically designed. It has a faint pink color. It is ultra-compact and light, weighing just about 236 g, which makes it easily portable.

What We Don’t Like

Limited compatibility

The power bank is Qi-compatible and charges wearables and devices like galaxy phones, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Qi, Gear S3/Sport, or Galaxy Buds and not all android phones.

Slow wireless charge

The power bank provides a quick charge when connected to USB type C, but charging is slow when connected wirelessly.


The power bank is very compact and provides quick wireless charging on the go. One can easily carry it around in bag packs as it is very light weighing just 236g. It is Qi-compatible, i.e. one power bank for all Samsung Galaxy devices, comes with a high density 10,000 Mah li-polymer battery. To add on, Type C facilities quick charging of two devices simultaneously, and the wireless battery pack enables wireless charging on the go.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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