Portronics POR-235 Indo 10D 10,000 mAh Power Bank with Display Review

Power banks are essential accessories that serve as battery backup. Portronics is one of the best and most trusted Indian brands that deals with the manufacture of a laptop stand, fitness tracks, speakers, power banks, and others. Thus, Portronics brings forward yet another innovative product, “POR-235 Indo 10D 10,000 Mah Power Bank.”

The stylish black power bank comes with an excellent capacity of 10000MAh. It is incredibly reliable and efficient enough to meet the needs of today’s world. The compact and lightweight power bank is safe to use. It also features an LED display that keeps you notified about the remaining charge.


The power bank offers an excellent 10000MAh power storage capacity, which in turn consist of the lithium-ion batteries.

Digital LED Display

It comes with a digital LED display where the number indicates the percentage of charge that is remaining in the power bank. It prevents you from overcharging the power bank. It also ensures that you never run out of charge when needed.

Configuration and Size

The device can be switched on using the Indo 10D smart wake up button, which ensures ease of operation to the users. Also, it has a compact size and is comparable to that of a credit card. The compact and lightweight design makes it easily portable.

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What Do We like

Device Compatibility

This device can be used to charge all kinds of devices such as androids, tablets, cameras, iPods, etc.

Fast charging

The device allows for the fast charging of the other devices. It features dual input ports, i.e., micro USB and Type C input. Also, it can provide for 3.5 full charges to iPhone 7 along with 2.3 charges to Oneplus3T and Mi devices


The device is intelligently built to provide for a 6 level protection, preventing any short circuits, overheating, and other similar hazards. It is a safe and reliable choice to consider buying.

What We Don’t Like

Battery Drainage

Users have complained about issues related to batteries. The battery tends to drain fast. It also takes time to charge iPhones and Xiaomi phones.


The BIS approved product is extremely safe to use. It also has a worry-free 12-month warranty. Also, it is easy to use and can be taken to various places with ease. It’s fast charging, and excellent performance adds all the requirements to the device. These are an extreme need in today’s world, and this is a valuable choice if someone for a power bank.

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Hari Priya

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