Philips DLP9001NB 10000 mAh Power Bank Review

Philips is one of the leading multinational company which mainly focused on products like lighting, audio system, medical equipment, electronic products. The Philips power bank has a compact and lightweight design. It is made up of sturdy grade plastics, which makes it robust and durable.

The power bank features a lithium-ion battery composition with the capacity of the 10000 mAH. It has an LED indicator to tell the battery status of the power bank.


The power bank is compatible with laptops, apple and android smartphones, tablets, and other USB- charged devices such as Bluetooth enabled devices. This feature allows you to use the power bank anywhere and anytime.

Compact Design

The compact and light-weight design makes it easy to carry it around.


The power bank has an ultra-thin design, which makes it convenient to carry it anywhere. You can slip it into your bags, pocket, or pouch.

2 Ports

The power bank consists of two USB ports, which allow the user to charge the two devices at the same time. The person who carries the devices at a time can charge them simultaneously.

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What Do We like

LED Indicator

The power bank has an LED indicator, which helps in knowing the status of the battery. Hence, you never have a fear of running out of battery. You can charge it in advance.

Power Button

The power is provided with the power button, which is built on it and has a round shape. This power button helps in turning on and off the power button.

A USB cable

The power bank comes with a USB cable so that the device can be charged if the person forgot to take their cable. It acts as an emergency cable.

Sturdy and robust

It is powerful and robust due to the presence of the sturdy grade of the plastics. It prevents the power bank from being damaged if fallen from the height.

What We Don’t Like

No Fast Charging

The power bank does not have a feature of fast charging to charge the device at an ultra-fast speed.


The power bank has a compact and light-weight design, which makes it pocket-friendly. It has universal compatibility and a battery capacity of 10000 mAH.

The power bank has an LED indicator, which helps in notifying you about its battery status. The USB ports will help in charging two devices at a time. The power bank is reliable and robust as it is made up of high-grade quality of plastic. Hence, it is one of the best choices for users.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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