Philips DLP10406/97 10400mAH Lithium Ion Power Bank Review

Philips is a leading multinational company which mainly focuses on lighting, audio system, medical equipment, and electronic products. The Philips power bank has a compact and lightweight design with a capacity of 10400mAh. It comes with dimensions of 0.2*0.8*1 centimeter.

The power bank consumes the power of 5 volts. It features a battery composition of lithium-ion with. The cable-type, which is included with the power bank, is of micro USB type.

LED Indicator

The power bank consists of the LED indicator, which helps in knowing the power status of the battery. This feature also helps in protecting the power bank from damage due to overcharging.

Micro-USB Cable

The power bank comes with micro-USB or USB 2.0 cable. The USB cable enables you to use it with mobile phones, digital cameras, and other portable devices. It also comes in use when a person forgets to carry any of the cables with him, and his mobile needs charging.

USB-Based Device

The universal unit has a USB connection for use with any USB based devices via the USB cable.

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What Do We like

Recharge Multiple Times

The Philips power bank has extra portable power. This power bank can charge the device for more than two times without having to charge the power bank.

Works Anywhere

The power bank works anywhere. The user can charge the device with ease, even if the user is not near the wall or car charger. The intelligent power battery pack supplies power first, so the user can remove the device after charging it fully.

Charge Two Device

The power bank’s USB ports can charge the two devices simultaneously. The person can quickly charge two devices at the same time. This feature is mainly useful for those people who carry two mobiles at the same time.

What We Don’t Like


The power bank has an overheating issue when it is plugged for its charging.

Slow Charging

It is not a fast-charging power bank to charge your device lightning fast.


The Philips power bank is one of the best choices for a user as it has extra power capacity. This power bank can charge two devices simultaneously. This is useful for users carrying two devices that require charging. The power bank can charge the device more than the two times on a single charge.

The LED indicator helps in updating the person about the battery status of the power bank. The power bank is compatible with many devices like iPhone, iPad, Sony, Samsung, Micromax, etc. Hence, it is a suitable buy for those looking for a power bank with a high battery back-up.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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