Morui 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank (White/Black) Power Bank

MORUI presents its ML 10 Power Bank, which is elegant and attractive so that you can use show-off among your peers. The rectangular power bank is made up of ABS & PC plastic material, ensuring durability and style. It also has smart charging such that you can enable dual (2A) device charging.

The product weighs around 238 gm, which makes it easy to hold & carry during travel. It is compatible with the maximum number of mobile devices present in the market. It is also compatible with digital cameras, media players, and tablets. Hence, it is known for its universal compatibility.

Battery backup

It has a battery power of 10000 mAH, which facilitates the fast charging of devices. The power bank also comes with a BIS certification, which is a guarantee provided by a third party that product is of prescribed quality, safety, and trustworthiness. Hence, you can build trust in the product.

Digital display

The product has a unique function, which helps solve various consumer problems. This unique function is the digital display, which shows how much percent your power bank is charged in the number format so that you can charge the product accordingly.

This also helps to save the product from damage caused by overcharging. It increases the charge cycle to 500.

Usage notification

The product uses the display to activate battery notification. This notification helps the customer to increase the usage time of the power bank. It shows how much battery is left so that you can use it wisely.

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What Do We like


The product has a dual-port, which facilitates the charging of two devices simultaneously. The high capacity, coupled with dual-port, ensures that all your devices are fully charged and ready to use. Both ports provide 5V/2A current to the device, which assures that your device gets charged quickly.


The power bank is made up of nine-layer superior and world-class circuit chip. It protects the power bank from damages caused by overcharge, temperature resistance, incorrect insertion, discharge, output over-voltage, and resets mechanism. This results in the increasing life span and duration of the product over a period.

What We Don’t Like

Low Charging and battery drain

various customers said that the product took more than the usual time to charge, and sometimes it takes up to 1 day to get fully charge. Another issue is battery drainage, which means in spite of having some amount of charge (25 to 40%), it gets switched off or stops working. It creates a nuisance for the customers.


Morui ML 10 power bank provides various features such as battery backup, digital display, and usage notification, which helps deliver value for money product. It comes with advantages, such as dual-port and safety features, making it a must-have product. However, the company needs to still figure out the problem of battery drainage and low charging.

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Yash Jain

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