Mi 20000mAH 2i Li-Polymer Power Bank Review

During hectic hours at work or while traveling, the essential thing that is needed is a charged mobile phone. The smartphones which we use today are an integral part of our life, and if they are not charged, it might cause a lot of trouble, especially when you are not at home. The Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i is a product you need if you do not want to miss out on special events just because your mobile battery was dead. 

20000 mAH battery

The strong and long-lasting battery life with 20000 mAH power can charge your smartphone max four times when power bank is charged completely. Thus, you do not have to worry about frequent charging.

Temperature Resistance

Unlike other power banks, the mi power bank offers resistance to temperature.

9 Layered Protection

The power bank comes with an advanced level of chipset protection. It helps to prevent short circuits, over-voltage, charge, and discharge.

Universal Compatibility

The product can connect with any device along with a suitable cable.

Black Sandstone finish

Along with high power and working, the device has an irresistible look that makes it look desirable.

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What Do We like

Double USB output

The mi power bank 2i dual output can help charge two devices at a time, ensuring quick charging and less effort.

Fast Charging

The quick 18 w charging ensures an efficient charging for your devices. It takes approx 6-7 hours to get charged completely.

Protection from the short circuit

The device protects against any short circuit that might damage your device. Hence, it prevents damage to your smartphone and other devices.

Easy to Carry

The slim and light-weight design of the power bank makes it pocket-friendly. It can be easily carried with your luggage during traveling or in your office bags.

Led light indicator

The light starts to blink once the battery is full. Thus, it is easy to know about the amount of battery left in the power bank. Hence, it can be charged when needed.

What We Don’t Like

Charging time

The power bank will get fully charged in 6.7 hours if used a fast charger and take up to 10 hours if using a standard charger. Thus, a fast charger will also be required.


A high power bank by Xiomi, which will help you save your efforts and assist you when in need. The battery life is impressive, and also the fast charging feature will help you save time. The mi power bank 2i is one such product that will also easily fit anywhere. The dual charge system will help in charging two devices in a single time.

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Aarohi Rodi

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