Lenovo PB500 Li-Polymer 10000mAH Power Bank Review

Gone are the days when mobile phones were just a means to communicate with the outside world. The extensive use of these devices has led to the demand for battery backup that enables one to enjoy using their phones uninterrupted. Looking into the same, Power banks came into existence. Lenovo is here again with its “PB500 Li-Polymer 10000mAH Power Bank (Black) “.

Its excellent design and classy, black appearance add to your innovative and yet beautifully designed lifestyle.


The Power Bank is elegantly designed with high grade matte plastic exterior and Lithium Polymer battery. The possible internal connections, in turn, pave for one’s safety. It protects from over-charge, over-current, over-discharge, and over-voltage cells.

Weight And Capacity

It is incredibly lightweight and has a high capacity of storing a power up to 10000mAH. Hence, it can be used to charge phones efficiently.


It can be recharged using the dual Mini USB ports. It comes with indicators which provide the information about the amount or rather percentage of its charge.

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What Do We like

2 Output Ports

It contains 2 Output ports, which can be used to charge two handsets simultaneously. Hence, it more accessible for charging multiple devices.

Safe and Reliable

The device has undergone all possible safety tests and is one of the safest for the generations to rely on.


It is compact, allowing you to store in pockets and bags. It can be carried anywhere and to any part of the world, allowing one to be free from the power backup issues.

What We Don’t Like

Extended Duration of Charge

The Power Bank takes about 6-7 hours to charge when using a 2A wall charger. Also, it loads the devices only up to 75-85 %, thus not charging it fully. It may not be a significant problem as far as the emergency power backup is concerned.


The device comes with a specific warranty period. The availability of 24*7 helpline service and well-established company service centers cater to every minor and major issue faced by the customer. Also, it is useful, especially for travelers. The power backup helps them enjoy and continue everlasting fun with their gadgets.

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Hari Priya

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