Intex IT-PB11K 11000mAH Power Bank Review

In today’s generation, where one is always greedy to enjoy something in an unlimited view, a backup is needed to meet such desires. Thus, with mobile phones creating a fuss in one’s daily routines, power banks have proved their importance in almost everyone’s lives. Intex is back with “IT-PB11K 110000mAH Power Bank (Black)”.

Apart from being an aid when there is no charging socket or electricity, it is extremely compatible with the ongoing fashion trends due to its classic black color and excellent outlook. Its power storage capacity of 11000 mAH and well-designed circuits makes it a reliable and safe choice.


It has a classic physical appearance with a stunning black color as the outer face. It does not compromise on your fashion statements and quality requirements.


It has a power storage capacity of 11000 mAH. It is enough to charge any device with ease.

Physical Outlook

As stated before, it is incredibly classy and stylish with a thickness of around 26 mm and a weight of 280 grams. It can be stored in your bags with extreme ease.

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What Do We like

Multiple charging

The device can be used to charge various devices using the available 3 USB ports.

Device Compatibility

It can charge devices such as tablets, digital cameras, mobile phones etc.


It can be easily charged by the mini USB port available and shows the charged specifications using the LED lights displayed.

Long Life

It’s well-designed features allows one to use it as long as one wishes to and also ensures about the long term use thereby long life to it.

What We Don’t Like


Power banks are expensive in comparison to standard chargers. Thus, it can be a burden for some. Also, these are not suitable for all, especially lower-class people(financially) unless a proper EMI or discount is available.


The device has a warranty period of 1 year and also serves as the most promising power bank due to its easy use and maintenance. Its 11000 mAH capacity, as well as lithium batteries, are enough to soothe one in need.

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Hari Priya

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