Poo De Cologne Poopsie Daisie Review

Essentially Happy Marketing is a promising young player in the fragrant products category. It is founded by a successful brand strategist, Aditi Talwar Sodhi. 

It is actively engaged in supplying products that deliver stimulating fragrances and combine the goodness of essential oils. 

Poo-de-cologne is the first launch of Essentially Happy Marketing. It is an innovation in the air freshener category as it must be used ‘before’ toileting, and not after.

It avoids embarrassing moments in the loo due to the bad odours. It gives you the confidence to leave the loo while showing ample consideration for the people waiting for their turn.

Poo De Cologne Poopsie Daisie


Unique and path-breaking formula

Poo De Cologne Poopsie Daisie Review Unique and path breaking formula

It is a unique formulation that is prepared using best-in-the-class ingredients in strong concentrated doses. This solution effectively masks the bad odours by making a formidable 

oil barrier on the bowl water. 

This formulation prevents the foul-smelling gases from releasing into the air and spread the enticing fragrances that bloom and linger in the bloom for long durations. 

We tried this Poo-de-Cologne 2 toilet spray and found it to be an effective spray that takes the stink out of the soils. Apart from successfully masking the odorous gases, this spray had filled our toilet with a floral aroma. 

With Poo-de-cologne toilet spray, you no longer have to worry about the foul smell in the loo at your home, offices, restaurants, or any other places.

Robust spray mechanism

Poo De Cologne Poopsie Daisie Review Robust spray mechanism

We used this Poo-de-cologne toilet spray and found that it has a robust spray mechanism that makes it extremely convenient. 

All you need to do is spray it 5-6 times directly on the surface of the toilet bowl water. The oil barrier locks the bad gases underwater and spreads the pleasant fragrances in the loo.

Made from 100% pure essential oils

We checked its ingredients and found it to a potent blend of essential oils, emulsifiers, water, and preservatives.

Poo-de-Cologne toilet spray is packed with the goodness of lavender, lemon, and ylang-ylang. 

Thus, we opined that it is equipped with the fragrances of pure essential oils.

100% odour masking 

Our experiments with this spray reveal that it effectively masks the bad odours up to 100%. It is devoid of any synthetic fragrances that irritate your nose and eyes.

Free from gas, parabens, aerosol, or alcohol

Poo-de-Cologne toilet spray is prepared from pure essential oils and it does not contain any gas, parabens, aerosol, or alcohol.

We observed that it is a high-quality formulation that is made without using any toxins or flammables.

Eco-friendly Spray

Poo-de-Cologne toilet spray is an eco-friendly spray that is suitable for use in toilets everywhere including your home, hotels, offices, etc.


Poo-de-Cologne toilet spray comes in a 120ml packing that comprises up to 400 sprays.

Best Suited for Whom

It is best suited for everyone who would love to enjoy delightful and soothing pooping experiences. It is a must-have spray for travelers, individuals living in shared accommodation, couples going on honeymoon, etc.

It works great for stocking it in work-place toilet stalls. If you own a hotel or a restaurant, it gives you a competitive edge over the competitors by creating a positive impression on the visitors.


Excellent Fragrance

Poo De Cologne Poopsie Daisie Review Excellent Fragrance

After using this spray we observed that it spreads the pleasing and beautiful fragrance of essential oils in the toilet. 

This aroma is very mild and does not cause any headache or other irritating reactions in individuals sensitive to strong smells.

The variant we used has a floral profile, but there are other variants like peppermint, cedarwood, citrus that promise to be equally good

Travel companion and works great for shared accommodation

It serves as your ideal travel companion whenever you visit shared toilets or public loos during traveling. It gives you the confidence of leaving the loo smelling fresh and fragrant.

This spray works great if you are living in shared accommodation. It helps you to take due consideration of your partners while using the shared loo.

Pleasurable pooping experiences

Poo-de-Cologne spray transforms your pooping experiences by getting rid of embarrassing foul-smelling odors. It gives you peace of mind and avoids unpleasant moments in the toilet. 

It replaces your stinky toilet with a stimulating floral aroma. It sets the mood to kick-start your day brimming with happiness and positivity. 

Portable and lightweight design 

It features a portable and lightweight design that can be easily carried in your pocket, wallet, or bag.


No negative points observed so far.


Our review of the Poo-de-Cologne indicates that this floral bouquet is packed with the enticing fragrances of essential oils. It removes any unpleasant smells in the toilets and ensures pleasurable pooping experiences every day.